Join us at A Night For Green Beauty in L.A. on August 7th. You’ll get to try the products mentioned below and more!

Africa Botanics Neroli Infused Marula Oil — This oil feels rich on contact, but it absorbs quickly and leaves a gorgeous glow in its wake. You know that soft sheen you see on models’ legs or clavicles in the fashion magazines? I’m pretty sure African Botanics Marula Oil is how you get that look. I love applying it to the neck, shoulders, and chest in this summer weather because the finish perfectly accentuates bare skin and provides a natural, uplifting aroma that stays close to your body. Marula oil is fragrant and sweet on its own, but infused with neroli it becomes soothing and lilting. Imagine an orange blossom creamsicle, floral and green but sugary, too. The Neroli Infused Marula Oil is versatile facial oil. It’s perfect for layering under sunscreen during the day or as a nighttime moisturizer. African Botanics branding and packaging gets an A+, don’t you think?



Osmia Organics Water Lily Body Oil  — Quite simply, every Osmia Organics body oil I’ve tried is a knockout, and the oil base is perfect for year-round application. As you’ve probably heard before, it’s best to apply body oils to damp—if not wet—skin so that it spreads effortlessly and absorbs better. If you want to apply an oil and haven’t just emerged from a bath, spritz a floral hydrosol on and then apply the oil. Works pretty well! Why am I telling you this? Because when you smell my favorite Osmia Organics body oil — Water Lily — you won’t want to limit its use to post-shower, trust me. Vetiver, juniper, and ginger lily make this a deeply grounding scent with a gentle spicy woods note that is sensual, empowering, and addictive. The scent has amazing staying power for a body oil, and the formula includes some of the great healing oils — borage, sea buckthorn berry, evening primrose, and rosehip seed.


RSW0051LURK  RSW005 — LURK perfume oils really do it for me. From the elegant, minimalist and oh so portable packaging to the incredible scents, I’m collecting them all. These are personal scents that stay close to the body and don’t interfere with others in public. Lucky is the person who nuzzles close to you while you’re wearing LURK RSW005, or the friend who leans in for a hug. The perfume opens with a hint of pepper and a gust of rose. This is not that super antique rose but the soapy, green rose that smells clean and just clipped from the bush. Rose stays present throughout the opening but softens and opens up before settling into sandalwood, romantic as hell, with a little citrus edge. RSW005 is such a turn-on I don’t know if I should apply it to my husband or myself. It makes my heart feel open and sensuous every time.




Zoe Organics Mama’s Ritual — First thing’s first—I’m not a mom, but I’m here to tell you that Mama’s Ritual is for anyone who needs a little TLC. Taking an aromatherapy time out is the perfect way to administer a healthy dose of love to yourself. It’s one of those simple self-care habits that really pays off, and it takes less than two minutes. Here’s how: apply Mama’s Ritual to your pulse points on the inside of your wrists and on the palms of your hands. Cup your hands over your face and breath deeply and slowly in and out for at least ten breathes.  Lavender, bergamot, petitgrain, sandalwood, and chamomile elevate your mood and calm your senses. While chamomile and lavender are standards, you don’t often see sandalwood in aromatherapy oils for stress and anxiety, and the inclusion of it here really makes the blend special. It adds rich, woody warmth that balances the sweetness of the chamomile and the herbaceous tenacity of lavender. Inhale. Relax.


What have you tried from these ANFGB brands in the smells-divine category? Tell us how you incorporate scent into your rituals!



This one is for the moms, the mom-lovers, and the practical minded multitasking ladies.  We’re sharing the founder of Zoe Organics makeup bag today. This natural skincare line is gentle enough for moms and babies, and you can tell from Heather’s mom/makeup bag that she’s a pro at caring for herself and all the little hands, feet, and faces who call her Mom. Zoe Organics will be at A Night For Green Beauty on August 7th.

Name: Heather Hamilton

Age: 35

Where I live: North Bay Area, California

My relationship with makeup: Minimalist. Most days, my goal is a clean, fresh face. My makeup essentials are those I can keep in my day bag and apply on the run. As mom of 3; ages 8, 6 and 3 years, I am lucky to shower and get out the door on time – so my routine has to be low maintenance. My essentials are those that pack the most punch and help me to look refreshed, whether I’m feelin’ it or not.

My (mom) bag contains my make-up + personal care essentials, a few natural remedies and some on-the-go essentials for my family. Here’s what’s in my mom bag:


W3LL PEOPLE Luminist Mineral Glow – I’m newly addicted to this product. The name says it all. I apply to my cheeks, eyes, shoulders and décolleté and…glow!

W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara – I love the coverage, color and how it goes on. I’m also a sucker for the pretty white tube.

VAPOUR BEAUTY Siren Lipstick in Saucy or Ravish – lip color is one of the products that I feel can transform my look from drab, tired mom to alive and with it! I love the shape and size of these sticks and how they feel on my lips. Often I will layer over Zoe Organics Everything Balm for more sheer color.


SOAPWALLA Deo Cream – fortunately, I’m blessed with my mom’s non-stinky body chemistry. I rarely wear deo, but I like to keep this little sample size with me in case of emergency.

ZOE ORGANICS Everything Balm – the name says it all. This multi-purpose stick gets passed around my family for chapped lips and cheeks, scrapes, rashes, burns, bug bites, cuticles, patches of dry, itchy skin…you name it.

BABO Clear Zinc Sport Stick – I apply face moisturizer with SPF every morning, but there are times when we unexpectedly need some quick coverage. This sport stick is wonderful for lips and faces, ears, necks, and other small areas. It is the clearest zinc formula I have found in a sport stick, so it doesn’t leave you with a white mask.

ZOE ORGANICS Insect Repellent – two of my kids are mosquito magnets and during the summer months, I keep this trial size bottle of Zoe Organics Insect Repellent with me. It smells lovely and works like a charm.


ONE LOVE ORGANICS Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder – this is another mom-on-the-run life saver. I don’t have time every day to wash and style my hair, nor do I feel like I need to. This product is great for the in-between days. I am new to dry shampoo, but so far, so good. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use and it works! My favorite thing about this product: the fresh gardenia scent!

FIT CHIC HEADBANDS – my cousin gave me a few of these headbands and they are super comfy, come in fun prints and add some extra color to the ponytail days.


ZOE ORGANICS Refresh Oil – this little miracle in a bottle is a product I never leave home without. It’s a perfect pick-me-up when I’m tired or need help focusing and it comes in handy as a motion sickness, morning sickness or nausea remedy.

ZOE ORGANICS Mama’s Ritual Aromatherapy Oil – I developed this product for myself and other busy moms who need a quick remedy for grounding, relaxing and feeling less anxious. This pretty little bottle of aromatherapy makes for a delightful little ritual that can happen wherever you are.

Other on-the-go essentials…

CLEANWELL All Natural Hand Sanitizer – I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I can obsess about hand washing and rant about not touching everything in public places. I prefer this spray cleanser over foam or gel and like the functional, compact container.

BKR water bottle – Drinking a lot of water is something I have to work at – but I know how important it is, so I do it. Having a pretty bottle in one of my favorite colors makes it easier…and if I ‘m not drinking it, there is always a little one who’s thirsty.

**Carryall by FRESHLY PICKED and gold dot cosmetic bag available FALL/WINTER at

Have you tried Zoe Organics? Rebecca loves their Cream!

Original artwork created by Alessandra Olanow (2014).

Lovelies, we have an exciting announcement (well, a few exciting announcements, actually): We (Susannah and Nicolle) are event ambassadors for this year’s A Night For Green Beauty!

So, you may be thinking, what does that mean? Well, it means you, our dear readers, are in luck! Because we’re event ambassadors, we get insider knowledge and access to the featured brands, the goodies and the deets. And then we’re going to give that insider info to you—our online friends, our green beauty community. That includes product reviews, morning routines, makeup bags and more, from some of the biggest brand founders in natural beauty. We kind of can’t wait.

The Event Details

What is A Night For Green Beauty (#ANFGB)? It’s an incredible evening of beauty, glamour and shopping from the best luxury natural brands on the market today, presented by La Bella Figura and sponsored by The Chalkboard, Pressed Juicery, Baby2Baby and Goodebox. Last year, the collaborative party debuted in New York City to more than 450 attendees and 17 luxury brands. This year, ANFGB moves to the ultra hip W Hotel Los Angeles-Westwood on Thursday, Aug. 7—and it’s bigger and better to highlight 22 very special niche brands. You will find the crème de la crème of green beauty at this intimate and delightful shopping experience you’re unlikely to forget.

The Next Surprise

Maybe you can’t make it to the event, but you can still be part of the action. This year A Night For Green Beauty partnered with Goodebox, purveyor of natural beauty monthly subscription boxes, to bring you the Limited Edition Deluxe Beauty Box. The box includes 5 full size products donated by the brands participating in A Night For Green Beauty. 100% of the proceeds from the box benefit the non-profit organization Baby2Baby, which supplies families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for children and reaches over 67,000 children per year.

There will be 4 versions of the Limited Edition Deluxe Beauty Box, and when we say limited edition, we’re not kidding! Only 200 boxes will be available for purchase, and with 5 full size products in each box and all proceeds going to a great charity, this is a win-win for everyone. We got a sneak peek at what’s going into the 4 Limited Edition Deluxe Beauty Boxes. Trust us, these will include some serious cult favorites in the green beauty world. It’s too good to pass up! Here are the details:

Cost: Each box will be $110 (shipping and handling included) for over $300 worth of gorgeous product.

When: The first box will be available for purchase on Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

So how can you score one of these boxes? We won’t let you forget that they are going on sale, but be sure to sign up to get FIRST DIBS on one of these boxes over at Goodebox. Just signing up enters you to win a free, 3 month subscription to Goodebox.

Green beauty has come a long way. There’s so much to celebrate! Will you attend A Night For Green Beauty? Please say yes!

This winter has had some bitter cold days, even in my beloved and typically mild Bay Area.  Sitting next to my portable heater while working/blogging on my laptop was really doing a number on my skin.  I started to incorporate some oils that are heavier than my usual argan, but still it wasn’t quite enough, even with plenty of hydrating on the inside.  Although I had previously rejected the oil cleansing method as not the right thing for me, I thought maybe it was time for a seasonal change in my regimen.  I took a short trip to the ultra-dry Lake Tahoe for my son’s hockey tournament, and between the outdoors and the cold/dry rink, the life was getting sucked right out of my face.  But I was prepared, and came home looking better than when I left.

So what’s making the difference?  Three things: coconut oil, a new balm, and a cream I’d forgotten about.

There’s been plenty of mention of the oil cleansing method (OCM) on this blog – where instead of using a regular cleanser, you rub in an oil and wipe it off using a warm washcloth*.  I started by trying coconut oil, and had some success.  It feels wonderfully soothing on my skin, and easily takes off the mineral makeup I wear on a typical day. But I still needed something more…

100% Pure Brightening Night Balm to the rescue.  It has some of the same brightening ingredients I use in my DIY (bearberry, licorice) plus kojic acid and vitamin C in a base of avocado and shea butters.  I use it as a cleansing balm (works great!) and also put on a little extra after cleansing.  Some days I put on a bit in the morning too, after a honey cleanse.  I’ve been able to skip my DIY brightener when I’m using it, with no noticeable return of my sun damaged brown patches.  It might even be making improvements – it’s hard to tell, I may need a few more weeks of use to know for sure.  It’s very thick as the balm designation suggests, and the scent is a light citrus, which is pleasant but does not stick around.

Zoe Organics Extreme Cream goes on over the balm when the weather is severely dry.  I’ve been able to ease up on this the past few days of warmer weather, but it makes a perfect extra layer of soothing protection for super dry times.  I tried it a while back, but kind of forgot about it with all my body butter experiments.  I remembered it recently when a reader was looking for an eczema solution – this is considered by some to be a skin miracle for the super dry and sensitive set.  It’s another shea-based product with jojoba, rosehip, and coconut oils, plus soothing calendula and marshmallow.  It has a light marshmallowy smell and a frosting consistency.

I know I’ll back off from these somewhat as the weather warms up, but they’ll still have their uses, and I’m ready for all the winters to come.  I highly recommend these products for hands too.  In spite of my devotion to hand care, my hands were like sandpaper as soon as I got to Tahoe.  Just one day of layering the products, plus wearing light wool liner gloves, got me back to smooth.  I haven’t had any pore clogging problems.  My standard monthly hormonal breakouts happen and heal, maybe a little faster than usual with the soothing ingredients.

Have you tried these products?  Are you an oil cleanser? What’s giving life back to your winter skin?

*I’ve actually been using mostly paper towels made from 100% recycled materials.  A washcloth is usually a little too rough on my sensitive skin, plus I’m using fewer laundry-related resources so I feel like it evens out.

Beautiful image via the University of Washington Library