Caitie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Caitie, a natural beauty blogger who shares our passion for great clean products! Name: Caitie Age: 25 Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada Current Weather: Moody—hot and humid one day, cool the next. Hair: Curly and very prone to frizz.  I’ve happily found products that keep it under control, but when I deviate, bad, pouffy things happen! Skin: Pretty normal.  I struggled with acne until about 21, but since then, my skin has been fairly... Read More

Alex’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine…Exposed!

Good morning everybody–meet Alex! She tries to steer clear of perfumes, and is a pro with body oils. Right now she’s diggin’ the Yes To line, but she’s also interested in finding other brands, too. Her routine is no-fuss, but fun. Read on! Name: Alex (la feminine) Age: 25 Current weather: Unseasonably warm and sunny Hair: Shoulder length and choppy, contains some lingering blue-green tones from last fall’s impulsive... Read More

Do You Use the “Yes To” Lines?

You know the ones. With bright colors and pictures of cucumbers, berries, carrots and tomatoes, Yes To is one of the more widely available natural(ish) brands on the market. While we did mention this line in the book as a cleaner option at the drugstore, the presence of fragrance in certain of their products and a few other borderlines has kept us largely away. But we’re often asked about them. Are any of you Yes To users? I noticed today... Read More