Alex’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Alex, a young teacher trying to make a clean routine work on her teacher’s salary. Sounds like she’s doing awesome. Thanks for this super candid and awesome routine! Name: Alex Age: 26 Profession: Teacher (Fourth grade…an awesome age but not easy!) Weather: Hot, humid Central Florida. We do experience a nice cold front or two in the winter. Hair: Long, fairly thick, wavy…straight…wavy, depends on the day! Oh, and... Read More

Plant Oils and Other Model-Approved Natural Skincare Secrets

While some of you could care less what models use on their skin—they’re just genetic jackpot winners, right?—I actually think these women have a lot of insight on the subject. Models are the ultimate guinea pigs: Day in and out, products of all stripes are piled onto their hair and faces. This means several things: They get to test everything out; they have access to experts; and they actually have to work harder than most of us to try to maintain... Read More

Boy M’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine… Exposed!

The other day we announced an open call to help beef up our Morning Routines…Exposed! series and, well… Ask and you shall receive, I guess! We got so many responses that we created a special folder for all of them, and we invite you to keep them coming (especially if you are a guy, since we know naturals has a bit of a boy problem,* and we’ve only gotten one of those so far). Now, without further ado, meet M. Name: M (I’m... Read More

How Big Can This Natural Beauty Thing Get?

When I was in Texas last month for SXSW Eco, I did all kinds of fun things: I ate tacos, visited our friends at W3LL People, met up with writer friends, stayed up way too late then woke early to attend some really interesting (and dismaying) discussions about our burning planet… Being the natural beauty dork I am, though, another highlight was my impromptu visit to Whole Foods’ 80,000 square foot flagship near downtown Austin. This is... Read More

Has Anyone Tried the Harmonic Line from Intelligent Nutrients? [UPDATED]

When my sister finds a hair product she loves she’s the type to seriously stockpile—I’m talking supplies for months! She’s no hoarder, though: As fellow curlies can attest, there’s just nothing worse than running out of your formula. It’s a habit that’s only intensified since she went clean, given that certain products aren’t easily found up in Canada. Knowing this, and also that we would be sharing a bathroom... Read More

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