Which Meditation Style Is Right For You?

The timing for this post couldn’t be better. We’ve both been talking about, and trying to practice, regular meditation (though sometimes we blow it!). Siobhan posted 11 tips here and today the peeps at Well+Good are suggesting different styles for different types of people and issues. What’s your practice look like? We’ll share ours in the comments. Is this you: You really want to meditate and be less reactive in stressful... Read More

Do You Go For Facials—And Have You Tried Any With Electricity?

A few days ago I did something I haven’t done in ages: I went for a facial. I’ve had a mixed history with facials. As a teenager I got one that left my face in such a mess that it scared me off them for years. Later, in my early twenties, I became a devotee of Kate Sommerville here in Los Angeles. I went for almost weekly facials there that—while draining to my bank account—seemed to help the cystic acne I’d developed around... Read More

3 Ways to Make Your Natural Makeup Last

Some good tips from our friends at Well+Good. How do you make your natural makeup last longer? If you’ve made the switch from mainstream makeup to natural brands like RMS Beauty or Vapour, you’re probably still admiring your new dewy, fresh-faced complexion. But lots of converts also have a complaint: The pretty pots and sticks just don’t last as long as their conventional counterparts (because they’re missing the chemicals that make them... Read More

Do You Use the “Yes To” Lines?

You know the ones. With bright colors and pictures of cucumbers, berries, carrots and tomatoes, Yes To is one of the more widely available natural(ish) brands on the market. While we did mention this line in the book as a cleaner option at the drugstore, the presence of fragrance in certain of their products and a few other borderlines has kept us largely away. But we’re often asked about them. Are any of you Yes To users? I noticed today... Read More

Can Your Phone Really Give You Zits?

Have you ever noticed phone-related breakouts? Or, wait, let me rephrase the question: Do you breakout on your cheek or jawline, but mysteriously only on one side? I can say that this isn’t currently a problem for me, but it’s certainly something I’d heard could happen. But Well+GoodNYC, smart cookies that they are, wanted to find out if, in fact, this happens all that commonly. Here’s what they found… Texting may be... Read More

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