Meatless Monday: Roasted Chickpeas

Since doing the Whole30 (and failing at it—my body panicked and my doctor took me off of it early) last spring, I’ve been in a constant search for easy snacks that also don’t cost a ton. Add into that equation that I can’t have gluten (and GF crackers are EXPENSIVE) or sugar (rules out my go-to apple and nut butter), plus that I get a little sick of just eating raw veggies when I need something crunchy, and I’m in a conundrum. Then,... Read More

A Survival Guide For Social Eating When You Have Dietary Restrictions

As we plan to sit around the dinner table this week with friends, family, and lots of food, I thought it was time to address this tricky topic. A while back one of the lovely NMDL readers suggested I do a post on the social aspects of eating when one eats in a manner not typical.  For me, some of this revolves around dealing with other people and their issues, and some of it is pure logistics! Since I eat in a way that is quite different from most... Read More

My MM: Kate’s Meatless Monday Menu

We love this menu for many reasons, not least of all becauze Kate just sounds like a lot of fun. Help answer her questions in the comments, and don’t forget to send in your meatless adventures. Name: Kate Hometown: Los Angeles My dietary leanings: I eat lots of veggies and fish. Occasionally I’ll eat red meat and goat or sheep dairy. My favorite vegetable: Sauerkraut! That counts right? Breakfast: Lately I’ve been having giant breakfasts... Read More

Do You Avoid Soy Protein Isolate?

I don’t actually know the answer to this question! But since our friends at Well+Good are asking, it’s got me wondering. Do you avoid this super-processed soy? I’m about to go read a few labels… Turn over many a nutrition bar or box of veggie burgers, and you’ll often find soy protein isolate (SPI) featured prominently on the ingredient list. While there’s disagreement among nutritionists over whether soy is part of a... Read More

My MM: Hallie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Milkshakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner? This is an MM menu to get excited about. Thanks for sharing Hallie! Name: Hallie My Dietary Leanings: Omnivore. I just love food, and cooking, so I find it hard to limit myself to just plant-based food items. Although I love myself a good vegan/vegetarian meal! My favorite vegetable: Tomatoes! They’re a vegetable in my book… Breakfast: We had some leftover orange/mango/cantaloupe juice... Read More

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