Briana’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Briana—a.k.a. Pepper—and her amazing morning routine. We love seeing a clean girl who really knows, loves, and finishes her products to the last drop. Honestly, this routine reads like a best-of list (and then some) of our absolute favorite clean brands. Bookmark this routine, ladies! It’s a serious resource. (Also, hilarious choice on Kimmy Gibbler, Briana.) Name: Briana (I comment here as “Pepper”) Age: 29 (30 in July!) Current... Read More

Happy Friday Deal from [UPDATED! NEW CODE]

Update: If you tried the other code earlier with no luck, we have a NEW code for a site-wide 15% off! Ahhhh, summer just got a little bit better for us clean girls. This fine Friday we have beloved NuboNau here, offering a discount across ALL of their makeup brands–AND THE REST OF THE SITE. Because they are excellent curators that means a deal on RMS, La Bella Donna, Juice Beauty, Living Nature, Dr Hauschka, Mai Couture, Intelligent Nutrients... Read More

Happy Super-Duper Friday Deal from NuboNau!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and today everything you need to know about this incredible NuboNau deal is right above. They are offering savings on some of our absolute favorite products: from the timeless RMS luminizer to new discovery Vapour blush, from the delicous-smelling Rahua shampoo to the lovely Ilia lipsticks in all their awesome colors. All the details are above, and the deal runs right through the entire holiday week. So treat... Read More

Stephanie’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine…Exposed!

Happy Monday, everyone! Meet Stephanie and her sweet-as-honey routine. She swears by Manuka for her skin. She also has been getting a lot of mileage out of spiritbeautylounge sample items. Annnd..she makes her own (edible!) DIY brozer. Read on! Name: Stephanie Age: 23 Current Weather: In the 70s-80s and humid-ish. I just moved home from the North so I am loving the warmer weather despite the humidity. Hair: Long, brown, and sort of curly/wavy.... Read More

Luna’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine…Exposed!

Meet lovely Luna. She has lived in both the US and China, and currently calls the latter home. She does an amazing job at keeping her beauty products green by bringing them over when she travels back to the US. Read on for her efficient but inventive routine… Name: Luna Age: 27 Current Weather: Beijing at its best! Warm, Spring breeze, Sunny Hair: Black, straight, shoulder length – can’t hold a curl for longer than 10 minutes Skin:... Read More

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