Makeup Monday: What’s in Jeanette’s Makeup Bag

It’s time to glance into another makeup bag. This one is from a reader in Sweden, so get ready to discover some clean products you might not have heard of before. Name: Jeanette Age: 52 Where I live: Stockholm, Sweden My relationship with makeup: Since my early teens, when I started to wear mascara. The difference between using makeup during my younger days and now I guess is that nowadays I want my makeup to be more natural, if you know... Read More

Caitie’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Meet Caitie, a natural beauty blogger who shares our passion for great clean products! Name: Caitie Age: 25 Hometown: Toronto, ON, Canada Current Weather: Moody—hot and humid one day, cool the next. Hair: Curly and very prone to frizz.  I’ve happily found products that keep it under control, but when I deviate, bad, pouffy things happen! Skin: Pretty normal.  I struggled with acne until about 21, but since then, my skin has been fairly... Read More