Michaelle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… exposed!

We enjoyed this routine so much, especially Michaelle’s alternate universe self. You’ll find so much to love, so read on! Name: Michaelle (pronounced like the guy’s name Michael) Age: 34 City: Whispering Pines, NC Current Weather: Up and down — today high of 36*F with cold wind & rain all day but then the weekend is forecast for sunny and high 60’s. No humidity. Yet. Skin: Pale & cool toned with some sun... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Katie’s Makeup Monday

Here it is—the first Makeup Monday of the new year! You may know the beauty behind this makeup bag as The Green Product Junkie. If you don’t, be sure to check out her blog. You’ll love it! Name: Katie O’Sullivan Age: 43 Where I live: East Village, New York City My relationship with makeup: Blissful.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t absolutely love it.  But I fell much, much harder for it after I got into the non-toxic... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Susannah’s Makeup Monday

Name: Susannah Compton Age: 33 Where I live: Washington, D.C. My relationship with makeup: Complicated. I grew up in an area of the country (Texas and Oklahoma) where women wear a lot of makeup from a very young age. I remember a time when I wouldn’t be caught dead without mascara on my pale lashes. I’ve been on the east coast for nearly a decade now, where women have a very different relationship with makeup. I’ve worked with many women here... Read More

Happy Friday Deal From NuboNau!

What’s up Friday? How about a site-wide discount from one of our favorites, Nubonau? Yes please! As you probably know, Nubonau carries just about all of our favorite luxe clean beauty brands. Pick up some treats for yourself, or start your holiday shopping a little early. With a promotion like this, we are going to have to practice a little, uh, self-restraint with our shopping cart. Or maybe not? So here’s the deal… Nubonau is... Read More

9 Amazing All-Natural Perfumes (via Well+Good NYC)

We’ve done a lot of complaining about the lack of good—nay, great—natural perfumes out there. But truth be told, there are a few on this list from Well+Good that we haven’t tried yet! Which of these have you tested out? And what’s your absolute favorite I’ll-never-stop-wearing-it perfume, natural or otherwise? Perfume should be a pleasurable experience both for the wearer and those around her, not a toxic one. Which is... Read More

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