Are Herbal Supplements Harmful to Your Health?

This week the New York Times featured an opinion piece called Skip the Supplements in which the authors encourage us to think twice about taking herbal supplements. Their rationale is not that herbs are bad, per se. The real problem is the way that supplements are manufactured and regulated. The Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate dietary supplements as drugs even though many have pharmacological effects. They aren’t tested... Read More

Meatless Monday Inspiration: Have You Ever Done a Cleanse?

Maybe it was the picklebacks my boyfriend made me drink last night at the Super Bowl party,* or the fact that my horoscope told me it was a good time for a detox,** but I woke up today contemplating cleanses. Truth be told, I’m not a fan. I’m of the (well-researched) mind that our bodies, properly treated, do a very good job ridding themselves of “toxins,” and that good nutrition means eating three squares and snacking—not... Read More

Banana Peels Can Purify Your Water!

A little off topic but in a word, bananas: Researchers have found that minced banana peels can quickly remove heavy metals from water! In a new study published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, which I read while eating brown rice toast with sliced banana (no fooling!), researchers showed that the peels are a remarkably effective low-tech, low-cost solution to purifying rivers and streams that have been contaminated with metals.... Read More