Happy Cyber Monday Deal from Tatcha!

Have you explored Tatcha? The skincare line is based on beauty secrets and traditions of the geisha, whose less-is-more skincare philosophy made a big impression on Tatcha’s founder. Tatcha is quite accessible and free of the badies — parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA — to start with. Precious natural ingredients like camellia, rice bran, licorice root, red algae, and green tea are the focus here. Tatcha ingredient lists will be too busy for some of the natural minimalists or purists among you, but this is a great line for people who crave the benefits of natural ingredients all done up in high-end, extra glossy packaging fit for Barneys New York. That’s Tatcha.

Today we’re sharing Tatcha’s Friends and Family Sale with you. Call it a Cyber Monday treat from us to you, because hey — we’re on the Internet, after all. We’ve been following Tatcha for some time. In addition to the reviewing the Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil, Siobhan has also reviewed the Tatcha Blotting Papers (magic!) and included them in the summer NMDL Quarterly Box for fresh skin. New Tatcha favorites include the Deep Brightening Serum and the Camellia Cleansing Oil. The Cleansing Oil rinses off with water alone — great for times when you want a quick, non-drying cleanse in the shower or when you just want to take off your makeup as quickly as possible and climb into bed.

So here’s the deal…

Tatcha is offering 20% off anything on their site until next Monday, December 8. Just use the promotion code FF2014 to get 20% off your purchase.

If you are shopping for gifts, be sure to note their beautiful array of holiday gift sets. You’ll find a wide range of luxe treats at different price points. Mmmm, love the purple. Tatcha loves stories, traditions, and treasures, so in addition to sharing skincare rituals they’ve curated a small selection of limited edition gifts created by Japanese artisans. The gold leaf Obon Tray from Kanazawa is calling our names.


Say hello to Jinna! Her routine includes some incredible goodies, but she relies first and foremost on a clean diet for glowing skin. Enjoy!

Name: Jinna

Age: 31

City: Los Angeles, CA

Current Weather: Sunny and dry, with a slight fall chill in the air

Skin: Combination, though my skin has stayed clear and glowing since I cut out dairy and meat from my diet (with the exception of 2-3 “treat’ meals per week). Starting to notice crows feet creeping up though!

Hair: black, long, straight, and fine

Favorite star from past: Jane Birkin. Love her effortless, natural look and Parisian chic.

I am a natural product skincare and makeup junkie and after years of rotating products I have found, for the most part, what consistently works for me (though I can’t resist trying a few new products here and there!)

In the shower…

I dry brush for 2-3 minutes (or even less if I’m in a rush!) before jumping in the shower. Before, I used to swear by dry shampoo and washing my hair every other day, but have since realized that my fine hair gets too oily, especially because I work out every day. I have yet to find a shampoo and conditioner that I’m in love with, and I’ve tried them all: Yarok, Phylia de M., John Masters Organics, Rahua, etc. I’m currently rotating between Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Burdock and Neem Healthy Scalp shampoo.  Both work fine for now, but I will definitely be on the lookout for something new once I use these up. Three times a week I do a pre ‘poo treatment of coconut or jojoba oil for 1 hour before shampooing out. I find that since I wash my hair daily, it does a good job of keeping it from getting too dry. On the days I don’t do the oil treatment, I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar in the shower after shampooing and before conditioning. I’ve found that both have improved the overall health of my scalp and hair. For body wash, I use Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille soap, which multitasks as hand soap and puppy shampoo!  While my skin is slightly damp, I moisturize all over with One Love Organics Scented Body Serum in Lavender.

Outside the shower…

After brushing my teeth, I oil pull with a spoonful of coconut oil for about 10 minutes. I’ve read that the recommended time is 20 minutes, but I just can’t bring myself to do it for that long! While I’m swishing, I exfoliate my face every other morning with Tatcha Polishing Powder in Classic, though I have May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt waiting as soon as I finish the Tatcha. On the mornings I don’t exfoliate I wipe my face with S.W. Basics cleanser and finish with a splash of cold water. Next, I dab a few drops of Intelligent Nutrients Spot Treatment over my face. After that’s dried, I use One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin C serum. This is a recent discovery and I absolutely love it. It makes my skin look dewy and glowing while keeping it moisturized. Since the weather has gotten much drier and as previously mentioned, I’ve started noticing unwanted wrinkles, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase 37 Extreme Actives cream. Yes it is obscenely expensive, which is why I use it only under my eyes and mouth, but as my mother always said, don’t feel too guilty about splurging on food or skincare since you will get a return on your investment. I haven’t been using it long enough to decide if it’s worth the price but so far, I love the feel of the cream on my skin and how hydrated it feels afterward. If I’m noticing my skin getting a little oily, I swipe Arcona’s Tabula Rasa pad over the area, which pretty much stops any pimples from forming.


I started using 100% Pure full coverage foundation (thanks for this website’s recommendation!) and I also love it. It’s the only product that provides sun protection and coverage without irritating my sensitive skin. If I’m especially tired that day, I will also use RMS “Un” Cover-Up under my eyes. I rotate among many blushes: Kjaer Weis in Sun Touched, Vapour in Spark, RMS in Modest, and Revolution Organics in Blushed, just to name a few. So far, my favorite is the Revolution Organics, as it leaves a nice pink flush to my cheeks. For eyeliner, I use an eyeliner brush and The All Natural Face’s Vegan Gel Pot in Black. I LOVE this product, as it’s the only eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and give me raccoon eyes. Once that’s dry, if I’m feeling fancy, I use either RMS in Solar or Magnetic on my lids. For mascara, I use (not in love with this and will be looking for alternatives once it runs out).  For lips, I absolutely love Ilia and have 4 colors: Bang Bang, In My Room, Perfect Day, and Arabian Knights. All the colors are so different and equally great, but the only one I carry in my purse is Bang Bang.  I set everything with RMS “Un” Powder and then swipe some RMS Living Luminizer (can you guess what my favorite makeup brand is?) on my brow bone, nose bridge, and cheeks. I also spritz my face with a spray before leaving. Right now, I’m using John Master Organics Bearberry Skin Balancing Toning Mist, but I have One Love Organics Vitamin D mist on standby once that’s used up.

Whew!  I know it looks long, but by now I’ve got it down to a quick science.  Coupled with a plant-based diet, I have seen such an improvement in the overall tone and texture of my skin. Thanks for letting me share!


Do You Use Blotting Papers?

Because I do, apparently, and I have a new find I’m obsessed with. Let’s call Tatcha the gold standard for blotting papers. Why? Because there are gold flakes in the papers, and I love a good pun. Also? They are a favorite among beauty editors and makeup artists, for reasons that are, to me, very clear.

Some things to know about blotting paper: They’ve been used for hundreds of years by Japanese women to keep their skin looking fresh instead of slick, and to keep makeup in place. Nowadays, most blotting papers, which you can find on the counter by the cash at beauty stores, are made of rice paper or pulp or a combination thereof, and some powder—all of which can be irritating, or take away way too much oil (thus drying out the skin).

Traditionally, though, good blotting papers were made of abaca leaf, which is what Tatcha uses.

Last week, we were in San Francisco meeting our friends at Beautylish, who gifted these to us over cocktails. I shoved mine in my bag thinking they’d probably come in handy once I was back in New York, where the weather is ever so slowly heating up but also constantly rainy and—ugh—humid.

I love a dewy complexion as much as the next girl, but there’s a fine line between looking fresh and hydrated and looking like a hot mess. That’s where these papers come in. My experience so far has been that these don’t remove or smudge makeup, they don’t dry out my face by robbing me of my good oils, and one paper does the trick for my whole face. (If you’ve ever used rice paper blotters and gone through five in one sitting, you know that last bit is huge.)

To get an idea why these papers feel so different, I rang them up and asked some questions. As with all natural cosmetics, the performance of the product comes down to the quality of the ingredients. These do not use rice or pulp, or an abaca-leaf blend. This is 100% albaca. Also, I’m told, there are 10 grades of the leaf, and Tatcha uses the highest grade. One pack costs $12 (and it’s cheaper if you get a multi-pack).

They also pointed out that makeup artists use this by the boxload—because it sets makeup beautifully. “Most makeup is made up of pigment and a carrier oil,” says Tatcha’s Vicky Tsai. “All you want is the pigment—but it’s the oil that gets it onto your skin evenly.” So one trick you can try? Apply your makeup with a sponge, and 10 seconds after you apply, blot with their papers. That will remove the excess oil but not the pigment, making it last longer on your face! Makes sense to us. I will try this later and report back in the comments.

I couldn’t be happier with these. I’ve been using Tammy Fender’s luxurious, brain-melting cream, but since it’s gross in New York, this is just what I need to feel—and look—hydrated, but not like a greaseball. I’d also recommend these for people with oily or active skin, and for use on eyelids, which can get slick no matter what your skin type.

So what about you. Do you use blotting papers?