What’s Going On With o.b. Tampons?

Hopefully you have already swapped out your old tampons for fragrance-, bleach-, pesticide and dye-free organic ones. But if you haven’t, you should do so now. Yes, they are more expensive, and if you’re a Keeper or Diva Cup girl, awesome. But there’s no sense in being equivocal about this one: Tampons are things you put inside your body every single month, several times a day for several days in a row, for decades on end. Pesticides,... Read More

Tampon Advice from Healthy Bitch Daily

We didn’t have to google too far to find some answers to our burning tampon questions: Our friends at Healthy Bitch Daily were already on it. Some scary highlights from their post: To our utter dismay, there are no federal regulations concerning listing ingredients in tampons. So, for those approximately 11,000 tampons you’ll use in your lifetime, you are actually slipping chlorine-bleached rayon or rayon-cotton blends into your body. In... Read More

What’s In Your Tampons?

Ugh. File under things I totally don’t want to think about. Seventh Generation has this new video promoting their fragrance- and dye-free tampons, which naturally begs the question: Why the hell would my tampons contain synthetic dyes and perfume? Not to mention bleach, rayon, absorbent chemicals, and more. Seventh Generation, a company we really admire and whose products we make a point of stocking our houses with, has this new video up, which... Read More