More To Love From KYPRIS

KYPRIS is one of those special brands – the sort that keeps me wondering what will come next. The new offerings, launched this summer, quickly made their way into my daily routine. I’ve gone minimalist recently, rarely wearing makeup and not buying many new products…  …but the new KYPRIS Cleanser and “Pot of Shade” are not to be resisted. Cleanser Concentrate: At first try, I thought this would be a winter cleanser for me – its substantial,... Read More

Throw Some Shade, Literally, With a Sunhat

Priorities, priorities. I shake my head a little in half laughter and half disbelief when I think about how much sun I was exposed to on purpose while chasing that golden tan in my teens and 20s. It wasn’t all vanity, though. Poolside culture reigned in the part of the country where I grew up. At least one friend always had a pool, so summers were all about spreading out on a towel and talking with girlfriends for hours under the sun with the... Read More

GIVEAWAY + Product Review: COOLA Suncare’s MineralFace Lotion Tinted Rose

  Being halfway through summer (right? That’s what the Fourth of July basically means?) means one of two things: 1. You’ve nailed your summer skincare routine, including sunscreen, and you’re sticking to it to avoid sun spots, premature aging and wrinkles. 2. You’ve accidentally scorched your skin and are reformulating what it means to apply sunscreen daily, even if you’re not going sit by the beach or pool. This... Read More

Three Great Body Sunscreens—What Do You Use?

Did anyone else grow up spending a considerable part of the summer purposely frying in the sun?  I was always after the ever-elusive tan. I can’t get very dark, and was jealous of friends who tanned easily. I always got very pink before any sort of golden set in. My role model was my mother, who would slather herself in baby oil and iodine and lie very still in the yard for hours, flipping when her timer went off. It was my job to bring iced tea... Read More

Five NMDL Tips to Better Enjoy Your Holiday

Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m actually celebrating it in Canada—I know, not exactly patriotic, but very enjoyable nonetheless. How are you making the most of this midweek break? We have some ideas… 1. Don’t do any work. Says the girl writing a blog post, I know. But really, when I moved stateside I discovered that the 4th is second only to Christmas and Thanksgiving in its holiday holiness. Everybody takes today off. So whether... Read More

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