Continuing with our occasional series—which will now be weekly, until we forget again—here is a woman who needs no introduction around these parts. Yep, Sophie Uliano is here to share her morning routine! We’re especially excited about this one. If you’re somehow NOT familiar with her, well, she’s a diehard green beauty expert, environmentalist and author of Gorgeously Green, among other things. She’s a total doll, also, and has been incredibly supportive of us. We heart her! Now, without further ado…

Name: Sophie

Current weather: very dry

Hair: tends toward being a bit on the dry side

Skin: tends towards being on the dry side

Before the shower…

When I remember, I skin brush. I also always exercise before getting in the shower – hike, a touch of yoga – whatever I can  squeeze in to my ridiculously busy routine.

In the shower…

I use a Bass Exfoliating cloth about twice a week to really exfoliate my entire body – I like to use a body wash with the cloth as it’s easier than soap and like Nana Essence Body wash because it’s slightly minty and wakes me up. I then rub a little Arcona Gommage (exfoliating scrub) on my face and use my Clarisonic Mia to gently exfoliate.
For my hair, I try different products almost every week: Current faves are Simply Organic products, KeraGreen, Sheer Miracles and Onesta – yes they are all in my shower and I go back and forth between all 4 of them! I always use a wide-toothed comb for the conditioner and rinse with cooler (not cold!!!) water.

Outside the shower…

I alternate between using my own body balms, which I make and ones that I am trying out. Current faves: I love Shikai Borage Therapy unscented lotions as they are super-good for really dry skin. I love Tilvee Ethical Skincare’s Tahitian Vanilla Body Cream as it smells like candy and is just the best. For my face – same deal. I sometimes play with products I’ve made myself. I always apply my homemade vitamin C serum first and then I’ll try so many different products it’s insane. I’m a total product junkie when it comes to facial products. Current faves: Arcona, Ren, Liz Earle. My favorite sunscreen/moisturizer of the moment is Verabella’s cucumber and aloe.
I run a serum or styling crème through my hair and use my BioIonic hairdryer for a quick dry.

Finishing touches…

Right now I’m using Liz Earle tinted moisturizer all over my face instead of a foundation. It feels and looks amazing. I then use a little Cargo Plant Love Blush, or Vapour Beauty blush stick, HourGlass cosmetics mascara, RMS luminizer and lip color and I’m good to go.

Any of these also your favorites? Dish!

The wonderful Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green has published her latest green beauty awards, folks, and we’re liking what we see. Like us, Sophie has spent a lot of time testing out the best products clean beauty has to offer. Among her makeup winners are RMS Beauty’s ‘un’cover up and living luminizer (love!), Living Nature’s lipstick (love!), Nvey’s eyeliner (need to try!), Alima’s bronzer (ditto!), Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Bronzer (love!) and others.

Here’s what we want to know: If you were giving out a green beauty award, what would your makeup picks be?

We think Sophie really hit the mark on her choices, though a few of our favorite brands were notably missing from this list, like W3LL People and Dr. Hauschka. Though she did get us excited to try Organic Pharmacy‘s makeup line, which we will. We’ve also been hearing great things about La Bella Donna. Reviews on those to come. For now, check out Sophie’s entire list here, and let us know what you love in the comments.


What Does Beauty Mean to You?

There’s a kind of virtual panel discussion going on this week over at MindBodyGreen. The site has reached out to a group of women, including Siobhan and me, to get our takes on different health and beauty issues. We’re in awfully good company here: Stacy Malkan, Rory Freedman, Emma Grady, Stacy Uliano, Jean Seo and Starre Vartan are all weighing in.

The first question that was put to us: What does beauty mean to you? Not surprisingly most of these ladies advocate inner wellbeing to get that outer glow. You can read all of our answers here.

I thought this was kind of a tough question—how would you answer it?

Image collage from the article


Understanding Your Skin and Vitamin C

Topical anti-agers are big business these days—and why wouldn’t they be? The promise of looking younger without succumbing to procedures that plump and possibly freeze your face into soul-numbing submission is appealing to a whole lot of men and women (including us).

We give a lot of play to anti-agers  in the book—everything from peptides to vitamin A to CoQ10 came under our loupe—but one of the most exciting discoveries was the documented power of topical vitamin C. Good old vitamin C! Something we already know is great for us on the inside has shown to do everything from stimulate collagen production to even out skin tone. Isn’t it awesome when nature just works?

Not so fast. The issue with vitamin C is that it oxidizes very easily—which not only makes it ineffective, it can actually cause damage to the skin.

We’d read that certain forms were stable but when I broached the subject with Sophie Uliano last week at her party she was pretty skeptical. According to her and others there’s one way you can know: If your vitamin C cream or serum turns kinda yellowish, chances are it has oxidized.

So what’s the solution? Well, Uliano offers this great DIY recipe demo’d here that you can make in small batches. I like it and I think there are all kinds of ways to customize it, which I intend to experiment with and share. Either way, DIY may be one way to guarantee getting the full benefits of this wonder vitamin.

Have you tried C topically? Did you see results? Do you think your product had maybe oxidized? As always, shareshare if you have a story.

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DIY Beauty with Sophie Uliano

Popped into this super fun event last night! The prolific Sophie Uliano has a new book out called Do It Gorgeously—and this one’s entirely devoted to DIY. It looks like she covers just about everything in it…beauty products, household cleaning items, baby food, clothing and more. We did a little book exchange last night, so I’m pretty excited to dig in. Were also going to have a Q&A with Uliano on the site soon, so that we can pick her brain for beauty tips. She demo’d this easy recipe for a vitamin C serum at the event which I used before bed, as instructed—and me likey.

Have any of you guys read her other books or tried her recipes?