Sophie Uliano’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine…Exposed!

Continuing with our occasional series—which will now be weekly, until we forget again—here is a woman who needs no introduction around these parts. Yep, Sophie Uliano is here to share her morning routine! We’re especially excited about this one. If you’re somehow NOT familiar with her, well, she’s a diehard green beauty expert, environmentalist and author of Gorgeously Green, among other things. She’s a total doll, also,... Read More

Gorgeously Green Announces Beauty Awards! Who Would You Pick?

The wonderful Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green has published her latest green beauty awards, folks, and we’re liking what we see. Like us, Sophie has spent a lot of time testing out the best products clean beauty has to offer. Among her makeup winners are RMS Beauty’s ‘un’cover up and living luminizer (love!), Living Nature’s lipstick (love!), Nvey’s eyeliner (need to try!), Alima’s bronzer (ditto!), Physician’s... Read More

What Does Beauty Mean to You?

There’s a kind of virtual panel discussion going on this week over at MindBodyGreen. The site has reached out to a group of women, including Siobhan and me, to get our takes on different health and beauty issues. We’re in awfully good company here: Stacy Malkan, Rory Freedman, Emma Grady, Stacy Uliano, Jean Seo and Starre Vartan are all weighing in. The first question that was put to us: What does beauty mean to you? Not surprisingly... Read More

Understanding Your Skin and Vitamin C

Topical anti-agers are big business these days—and why wouldn’t they be? The promise of looking younger without succumbing to procedures that plump and possibly freeze your face into soul-numbing submission is appealing to a whole lot of men and women (including us). We give a lot of play to anti-agers  in the book—everything from peptides to vitamin A to CoQ10 came under our loupe—but one of the most exciting discoveries was the documented... Read More

DIY Beauty with Sophie Uliano

Popped into this super fun event last night! The prolific Sophie Uliano has a new book out called Do It Gorgeously—and this one’s entirely devoted to DIY. It looks like she covers just about everything in it…beauty products, household cleaning items, baby food, clothing and more. We did a little book exchange last night, so I’m pretty excited to dig in. Were also going to have a Q&A with Uliano on the site soon, so that we... Read More