Product Review: Laurel Whole Plant Organics

One of my favorite things about the green beauty world as I’ve experienced it is the camaraderie that you feel when you hear the story of how a brand was founded and it aligns closely with your own story of switching to natural products. This is what initially drew me to Laurel Whole Plant Organics (formerly Sequoia Beauty): Laurel, the line’s crafter, started her clean journey when a series of health issues arose. Nothing except natural medicine helped, which inspired her to go back to school to study herbs—and Laurel Whole Plant Organics was born, touting the belief that flower and herb-based skincare from biodynamic, raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients is the secret to glowing, healthy skin.

My story starts similarly, with digestive and lymphatic systems issues that no doctors could solve. So, I took matters into my own hands with lots of research, lots of label reading and lots of annoying soliloquies to friends, family, strangers and anyone within earshot.

Because our paths feel parallel, I had an affinity for Laurel and her line before I got a chance to try it. Then I got my hands on it and it was love at first sight and sniff. That’s why I’m so happy to help welcome Laurel WPO to the A Night For Green Beauty brand lineup! Now, onto the review…

I got to try a number of things from the line, but I want to regale you with my top three favorites, the ones I’ve been using religiously and the ones I’m already scared to run out of:

  1. Facial Elixir for Normal/Mature Skin—This hydrosol contains amazing, hydrating, soothing ingredients that my skin can’t get enough of. My favorite part of the blend is the helichrysum hydrosol, which my skin has been craving lately (it’s in my current face wash too, but more on that later). Helichrysum is a known anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antiseptic and more. It’s great for healing scars, open wounds and sensitivities. Pair that with powerhouses like rose, calendula, frankincense and licorice and you’ve got a must-have elixir.
  2. Facial Mask: Brighten—I’m having a really hard time not just raving about all these products. This mask is incredible. It’s really gentle on my sensitive skin and I can see it working to repair my scars and dark spots. It has a distinct carrot smell that I find really invigorating in the morning, and it doesn’t contain any clays, which can be drying and stressful to my skin when overused. Comfrey, calendula and gotu kola boost aging skin and provide a glow.
  3. Healing Balm for Face and Body—If every skincare line has a holy-grail product, this is Laurel WPO’s. This balm is magic in a jar. It heals cuts, scrapes, blemishes, bug bites, eczema, dermatitis and more. I recently got a severe underarm rash from who-knows-what and this balm fixed it nearly overnight. Lavender, yarrow and marshmallow combine with, you guessed it, calendula,  comfrey and helichrysum for anti-inflammatory and super healing powers that are unrivaled for me in other healing balms I’ve tried. And, no beeswax!! My skin is healthier and happier.

If you’re looking for a new line to try, this should go to the top of your list. I can’t say enough about the loveliness of its blends, its scents and its performance. Get thyself to their website!

Oh, and did I mention that the first 20 people to the A Night For Green Beauty event on August 7 in LA will snag a treat from Laurel WPO? No? Well, now you know to get there on time! Have you tried Laurel’s line? What do you think of it?

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Meow Meow Tweet Lip Balm, Deodorant Cream

You may remember a few weeks back when I lamented about my lip sensitivity. Before I go any further, I first must say the hugest of thank yous to all the readers who responded—reading your recommendations was like Christmas morning in beauty product land (man, who now wishes Beauty Product Land was a real place? And not just my bathroom cupboard overflowing with half-finished products?). You are all so thoughtful, kind and generous and I so appreciate you sharing your stories in order to help me with mine.

Back to business: Because of that post and because the clean, green beauty industry is full of amazing founders, I got a few emails and tweets from brands about trying out their lip products. I humbly accepted (after verifying that they meet my personal standards) and since then have found my new favorite, non-irritating lip balm: the vegan balms from Meow Meow Tweet.

Now, I’d been sort of online stalking MMT (can I call you that?) for a while because I’d heard and read great things (plus, look at the whimsy on their packaging! And in their name!), so I was thrilled to try out not just their balms, but their deodorant cream too. Natch deo has long evaded me because, much like lip balm, the ones I’d tried all gave me an angry red pit rash.

Though I wanted to obsessively slather them on when they arrived at my door, I was also a tad wary because of my history. So I calmly tried one at a time, in as controlled of an environment as I could, to ensure nothing else I was using would be a sensitivity trigger. Here are my results.

Vegan lip balm: These smell incredible (I have the Cocoa and the Tangerine Lime flavors) while also being the hardest working, longest lasting balms I’ve ever used. Not exaggerating even a little here, lovelies—when I wrote my original post asking for lip balm suggestions, it was because I couldn’t find anything that lasted overnight the way Aquaphor does (my last dirty product…). I can swipe my Meow Meow Tweet balm on before hitting the hay and when I wake up, my lips are calm, hydrated and happy. No other lip product in a twist up tube has ever done that for me, and I’m including Blistex, which I use to slather on. I even apply MMT’s balm to a little dry-skin crack I have in my nose, and it fixes that. Miracle, I tell you, people. Miracle.

(Oh, and sidenote: I’m 90% sure that my lips are sensitive to beeswax or at least the propolis that comes with bee-related products. Totally makes sense since propolis comes from botanical sources and I have seasonal allergies. Only 90% sure because some lip products I have that have beeswax, I don’t react to.)

Deodorant cream: Another clean product I’ve failed to find—until now. I thought I was sensitive to the baking soda in other deos, but this one contains it and I don’t react to it. I have the lavender scent and it’s so light and lovely that I’m happy to reapply when I get my sweatiest. On a day when I’m not running crazily around or having a random hot flash (yes, I’m only 27, but hormones are fickle), the MMT deo lasts through it all with no stinky-ness. Can’t really ask for more. Plus, it’s softer and more easily spreadable than others I’ve tried, which makes me waaaay more likely to apply it and not reach for my Dove twist up stick (yep, go ahead and shun me—I keep a Dove around in case irritation starts).

So there you have it: success on the lip balm and the pit balm front! Who could ask for more? I know MMT has a following so share what else you love from this line so I know what to snag when I repurchase these goodies! Has anyone tried the candles? Would I love them?

La Bella FiguraDull. Dry. Parched. Flaky. Un-luminous.

Is anyone else finding that these are the adjectives they’re constantly using to describe their skin? It’s kind of starting to get old. And it’s making me want to give good ol’ Mother Nature a punch in the throat.

Since that’s not possible and since I’d probably feel bad gouging an old lady, I’m trying to remain calm and rely on things I know make my face a little less like sandpaper. Or a blemish-y paper bag. Drinking warm lemon water. Sleeping more. Sweating it out. Eating my leafy greens.

But, even though I know that in the long run all those habits will make my skin better, sometimes I need a little more control. Immediate control—and immediate results.

That’s when I turn to a tried and true brand, from whom I have not tried anything I didn’t love. The two powerhouse products pictured above are just a sample of the results-oriented brand La Bella Figura (remember when I raved about the Modern Radiance Concentrate?). In times of flaky dryness, LBF’s Organic Barbary Seed Fig Oil and the Bio Active Healing Mask have rescued my skin.

Consider this a dispatch from the Department of Heavy Lifting.

I’m going to be talking about the antiaging superstars retinoic acid, retinol, and other sources of Vitamin A. Judging from this post in July — and the zillion really smart comments (seriously, read them all—banana peel?!) — I can see I’m not the only one who has been curious about clean alternatives to Retin-A and its many over-the-counter cousins.

Retinoic acid, in case you’ve never read a beauty magazine, is the active ingredient in Retin-A. It’s derived from vitamin A and it’s a very effective antiager — one of the few with actual scientific studies to back it up — for a number of reasons. First, because it triggers your skin cells to turn over more rapidly, which is why it’s a reliable way to reverse UV damage like sun spots, freckles, and discoloration. It also helps your skin hold onto the collagen you have and it helps produce more of it. Since collagen is the structural support of your skin, keeping it elastic and firm, and since our supplies of it dwindle as we get older, this is where the ingredient really earns its stripes.

Of course, as anyone who’s tried the Rx formulas can attest, the stuff is intense.

I, like many other people, have used various prescription versions over the years  — this was before I switched to clean cosmetics — but I stopped after one particular formula burned off my face.* It was initially prescribed to me for acne. Let’s have a show of hands because if you break out and go to a regular derm, I bet some doctor prescribed it to you, too! Or tried to. The thing is, I was still really young at the time, and no wrinkles means no heavy lifting means I have no idea if the stuff actually worked as it was supposed to, and it definitely didn’t help my breakouts.

I knew at the time that retinol was a gentler version of the ingredient, and that in exchange for it not burning off my face it would just take a little longer to work (“work”). I also knew it was available in hundreds of OTC beauty products, but for whatever reason (probably because I was like 26) I never got around to trying one.

But in the back of my head, and because I’m 35 now, I’ve been wanting to find a clean retinol formula to test the promise. My first stop was vitamin A. I’d learned that rosehip oil contains high levels of the vitamin, and I’d heard anecdotally of people seeing amazing results. It seemed the gentler, more natural route but I used the stuff religiously for months and months and I can’t say I saw much of a difference at all. Maybe I was using a bogus product?

My next move was to investigate products by formulators who I know are serious about their science — because we all know that any old company can fairy-dust a little vitamin A into a product, call it an anti-ager, and then rip you off with a promise that doesn’t deliver. Which is why I was so excited to try Marie Veronique Organics’ Pacific Night Serum With Retinol. MVO, which was founded by a former chemistry teacher and chemist, doesn’t mess around when it comes to active formulas, and they do their own clinical trials to test results. (This is standard from the beauty giants but rare in the naturals category because it can cost a fortune in terms of manpower and money, and most companies are too small and/or don’t have the budgets for such things.) Anyway, I saw the clinicals and I was ready to try it.

I’ve been using it now for 7 weeks and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lines around my mouth are less pronounced and the fan of wrinkles at the corner of my eyes has filled out a bit. Also, my skin tone is more even (though I’ve seen similar results from brightening treatments, so that wasn’t the big thing here). Obviously, I still have lines, and I always will, and I’m good with that!

I even kind of love the lines around my eyes, but I’m not going to lie and say I’d wouldn’t like to slow down the process of aging skin. That’s why my retinol experiment has been so wowing.

The downsides are that I find it a little drying, which really just means I  need a little more moisturizer, and unlike Retin-A, it’s not covered by insurance (god, imagine?). Which sucks because at $150, I know it’s not for everyone.

Has anyone else tried this puppy? Have you found another clean retinol product you like? How about successes with vitamin-A-rich oils? Share, share.

* I want to acknowledge that there are some really smart cookies in the clean beauty community who think that forcing skin cells to turn over more rapidly with topicals can produce problems in the long run, like rosacea and irritation. And while I have no doubt people have seen this happen in their skin, I personally have not, nor have I found research to support the idea. If you have, weigh in!