Three Reasons I Love To Gift Aromatherapy

Santa, take note. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing better than giving (or getting) the gift of a truly beautiful, natural smell. I was thinking about this whole gifting thing, and how the holidays are a great time to help spread the clean beauty experience to the women we love. But aromatherapy—instead of say, face wash—is a particularly great place to start because you’re not telling people to replace anything in their current... Read More

Product Review: Blissoma Scented Candles (Bonus: They’re Super Affordable!)

You know we love essential oils, yes? Yes. But if I could tell you how hard it is to find a simple, lovely, non-synthetic scented candle on a budget—with a smell that doesn’t make us gag—you’d be shocked. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve fallen head over heels for candles like these ones from Ila or these ones from Red Flower or (maybe my favorite) these ones from EkoMiko—and it’s not that they’re not worth the... Read More