Spring Inspirations: Red Shoes, Skinny Jeans, Red Lips

This past January, I bought my first pair of red shoes*.  I quickly realized that I needed more.  Fortunately, I love to shop for a bargain.  With spring fully in gear, I have hunted and gathered my way to a few pairs.  For casual days, I love them with faded ankle-length skinny jeans.  And red lips. The Red Shoes: I am insanely in love with my pointy-toe red flats and ankle boots (not pictured) from Frye.  The only eco-fashion thing I can... Read More

What’s In My Makeup Bag: Rebecca’s Makeup Monday

Name: Rebecca Age: 45 Where I live: Oakland, CA (across the Bay from San Francisco) My relationship with makeup: Reformed.  I’ve been in a love/hate relationship with makeup since puberty.  I grew up wishing I could wear makeup like my older sisters did, but I wasn’t allowed until I was sixteen.  For a while, I would sneak my sisters’ old and discarded eye makeup and blushes (gross, and so not the right shades for me) and apply them on the... Read More

This Season’s Berry Lip: Ilia Lust For Life vs. RMS Diabolique

This isn’t the first time these two brands have slugged it out on my vanity.  Remember last summer’s highlighter battle? Now fall brings us a new reason to quibble over who’s more awesome.  A deep berry/burgundy lip is very of-the-moment (or at least it was at the writing of this post).  I was quite excited to see this seasonal trend, because I’m a tough nut when it comes to any color described as red or berry.  Everything... Read More

What Products Have You Discovered (That We Haven’t)?

Is there anything more exciting than discovering a new product you love? The other day Siobhan, Susannah and I were talking about this electrifying process and we came to the conclusion that NMDL basically lives and breathes on discovering new brands and products. Even if we also like to write about random stuff like why meditation is going to make you a better person, and how chia seeds absolutely can go in your coffee…  At the end of the... Read More

Greta’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Greta. She has a great 99% clean routine, and a holy-grail cleanser we have yet to try! (Suti, anyone?) But getting rid of dandruff is tricky without Head&Shoulders—any clean alternatives? Hallo ladies! Name: Greta Age: 28 Hometown: mid-state, Michigan Current Weather: It’s summatime weather, which means humidity and chances of both sun and rain. Hair: Shoulder length and light brown with natural red highlights. It’s fine... Read More

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