Want your skin to feel great and look polished and flawless? You must give the RMS “Un”Powder a try.

A few months ago when I saw RMS was coming out with a new product, I was all over it.  I ordered the “Un”Powder immediately and awaited delivery with high hopes. My first application was too heavy-handed, and I thought the product wasn’t for me.

Upon reflection, though, I thought, “This is RMS. I must be applying it wrong.” True that. This is something that I only need the teensiest bit of to make a big difference in my skin.

I’ve discovered that a little on my forehead and nose, on top of my mineral makeup, is spectacular. It feels crazy silky, keeps excess shine away all day, and is the only product I’ve ever used that makes my gigantic pores practically unnoticable.

The “Un”Powder is pure silica (which is not the same as silicone) and does not have a color, so it’s for any skin tone. I far prefer applying with a brush than the puff it comes with. If you want a veil-like effect from a powder, definitely experiment with this. I’ve tried mixing it half and half with my mineral foundation for light coverage, but I think that would work better in warm weather, or on someone with oilier skin or wanting a super matte look. I’m convinced that this could mattify the oiliest of skin. Be sure to use an applicator appropriate to the effect you want—always an important thing with minerals and powders. It’s hard to control the amount used with the included puff, so invest in a thick brush if you are going for a matte look, or a light, soft brush if you want to use just a little.

Okay, who has tried this?