Once upon a time I was almost exclusively a savory gal. But these days I have a full-blown sweet tooth, and one thing I love to order if I see it on the menu is a little French number called Pot de Crème. Have you tried it? So good. Like ice cream that hasn’t been frozen, but instead whipped into delicious chocolate submission. I’ve never made it but I know that it’s filled with the usual dessert suspects like cream, egg yolks, and lots of sugar—not exactly your skin superfoods. But that’s about to change.

See, one of my pals from yoga camp is the co-founder of this very awesome company called CaCoCo. It’s all raw, vegan cacao (I know, I’m late to this party), ethically sourced from organic farmers in Ecuador. He recently gifted me a few bags of this so-called Superfood Drinking Chocolate and it basically blew my mind. But why drink chocolate if I can eat it, I wondered. And so was born my simple (and healthy!) take on a Pot de Crème using only 3 ingredients and my blender.

Here’s what you need:

—a powerful blender (I have a vitamix)

—1/3 cup raw cashews

—an avocado

—3/4 cup of CaCoCo drinking chocolate (whichever kind appeals most to you, I like the Global Warrior and Essential Midnight)

Possible extras, depending on your tastes: sea salt and/or sweetener of your choice (sugar, stevia, agave, maple syrup)

Here’s how you make it:

Boil about a cup of water and mix it in the blender with the drinking chocolate. Then add in the cashews and avocado and keep blending (on high) until it’s smooth.  Pour the thick pudding-like mixture it in a mason jar or other glass container and let it cool in the fridge for a few hours. The CaCoCo itself is not overly-sweet (they also use healthier sweeteners like stevia, carob, and coconut nectar) so if you need extra tszuj you can add to taste. And even though there’s already sea salt in there, I like to add a little bit more. I still have that savory tooth!

Traditionally Pot de Crème is served with a little whip cream on top and chocolate sprinkles. If you’re vegan, I suggest you add a little cashew cream or just skip it. I sprinkle some more of the chocolate bits on top which adds an amazing crunch to the super-creamy texture. Good night!

Aside from being delicious this dessert is filled with skin-loving fats and antioxidants galore—and it’s insanely easy to make. I might even like it better than the original!

What’s your dessert jam? Got any great recipes to share?


4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Glow Back

Not too long ago my skin was feeling pretty down in the dumps.

I told you guys all about it and the comments poured in with recommendations and kind words. (You’re the best, did you know?)

The problem: A combination of deep exhaustion, season change, and some serious laziness around self care in the skincare department. As I write this on the eve of a monthlong yoga retreat, I can almost taste all the fresh air and deep breathing that lay ahead. And I know my skin is going to thank me.

But I’m happy to report that even with stress working against me this past month, I was able to get some glow going again. You guys had great advice. Here’s what worked for me!

1. May Lindstrom’s Clean Dirt (+ Honey Mud): We’re obviously a little obsessed with Miss May lately. But I swear, on the same day that I told you guys about my skin woes I went straight to her site and reupped on Clean Dirt. Rotating between that and the new honey mud this past month has completely brought back some life to my skin.

2. Juice Beauty CC Cream: I’m gonna be honest, I was pretty skeptical about this CC stuff. But this product is completely off the hook. I had used it a few times and liked it. But Nicolle inspired me with her comments to really do it every day. The results are unbelievable. Not only does it instantly help fake a great glow, it nourishes the skin (really, I can feel it) and seems to be improving it with time. The major added bonus: I’m finally wearing sunscreen on my face every day. Something I should have been doing for years but could never get into. Now I look forward to it!

3. Cosmedix Rescue Balm: I told you about this balm a little while back, and some of you (ok, and me) were a little wary of the brand’s whole vibe. Others among you swore by it. Alas, I still love the stuff. It’s intensely moisturizing and it makes my skin instantly look dewy. I even use it like a more mellow daytime highlighter sometimes on my cheekbones and lips. It also smells like fresh-picked cherries, so there’s that.

4. Vitaforce Green Smoothies: Many of you guys told me to get my green on, and did I ever. I got back on the smoothies pretty hard after that post and I spiked them with Vitaforce for serious added punch. Here’s the fave smoothie recipe at my house: Lots of spinach, almond milk, 1/4 frozen banana, some peanut or almond butter, chocolate protein powder (the really pure stuff, with like three ingredients—chocolate, wei, and stevia—the others sketch me out). Tastes better than a milk shake and within a few days these helped put some health back in my cheeks.

Because this topic never really gets old, share: What are you doing to glow these days?

Happy Meatless Monday y’all! We’ve got Natalie in the house from Toronto, with a super-balanced vegan menu. We love this series, because it inspires us to try new recipes and think outside the box. It’s so easy to get stuck in eating ruts, right? If you like it too, and have yet to send in a menu, don’t delay! Just follow the format below.

Name: Natalie

Hometown: Toronto

My dietary leanings: Vegetarian since January 2007, vegan since October 2011.

My favorite vegetable: Brussels sprouts. Kale is a close second. What can I say? I like my cruciferous veggies!

This morning I ate…

My usual is a kale smoothie with berries, mango, avocado, banana, sprouted chia-flax seeds, almond milk, and some brown rice protein powder, and a slice of chia-flax toast with whatever nut butter strikes my fancy at the time. But since I played hooky from my Sunday grocery shopping, I revisited an old favourite breakfast using ingredients I had on hand: oatmeal with berries, almond milk, sprouted chia-flax seeds, brown rice protein powder, and Udo’s 3-6-9 blend with vegan DHA.

As a mid-morning snack, I had some Sunrise brand peach-mango dessert tofu.

Lunch was…

A quick and dirty fruit salad of kiwi, orange and apple slices, mixed berries, and raw pumpkin seeds.

As dinner time rolled around…

I was really looking forward to digging into some red quinoa and black bean salad. Post-grocery shopping, I made a slightly modified version of this Oh She Glows recipe, with corn, tomato, avocado, garlic, cilantro, lime, green and jalapeno peppers. It did not disappoint! Dessert was a leftover birthday cupcake–my mom makes a great vegan carrot cake with crushed pineapple–and some cherries.

Yum! Natalie, want to post that cupcake recipe (if you have it from moms)? Anyone else make good vegan desserts?


My MM: Kate’s Meatless Monday Menu

We love this menu for many reasons, not least of all becauze Kate just sounds like a lot of fun. Help answer her questions in the comments, and don’t forget to send in your meatless adventures.

Name: Kate

Hometown: Los Angeles

My dietary leanings: I eat lots of veggies and fish. Occasionally I’ll eat red meat and goat or sheep dairy.

My favorite vegetable: Sauerkraut! That counts right?

Breakfast: Lately I’ve been having giant breakfasts and I’m loving it. My formula is a green, a protein, and sauerkraut. Today it was kale, brown lentils, and sauerkraut. Picked the kale from my generous neighbor’s garden, lentils are the pre-cooked Trader Joe’s kind (is that bad?), and sauerkraut from a local market. Garnished with lemon and a little olive oil.

Mid morning: After breakfast I’ll normally have tea. Today was raspberry leaf tea because I’m premenstrual and Yogi’s Skin Detox because my face is a mess. Not sure if that works but it tastes wonderful.

Lunch: A large salad with red lettuce, kale, garbanzo beans, a mound of sauerkraut, and a fresh peach. Topped with a homemade apple vinaigrette. Sometimes I put smoked trout (from the same place as the sauerkraut) on this and it takes it from amazing to spectacular. Like- “no sorry coworkers I brought a salad for lunch so go get takeout with me”- good.

Snack: If I’m still hungry I’ll have almond butter on a rice cake. Although I recently realized rice cakes have a really high glycemic index- which I try to avoid to keep myself and my skin balanced. So today I just had a tablespoon of almond butter. Any advice for almond butter receptacles?

Dinner: Normally pretty small since I eat a giant breakfast & lunch. Although when I get stressed I tend to crave large dinners. Today I had sliced persian cucumbers dipped in saffron hummus. 2 slices of sourdough bread with olive oil and sea salt. And more sauerkraut…I need to start making my own I go through the stuff so quickly. Advice? Please help I’m addicted!

After: Wine. The red kind. I’m in the market for a boxed organic red if you have any favorites :)


My MM: Hallie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Milkshakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner? This is an MM menu to get excited about. Thanks for sharing Hallie!

Name: Hallie

My Dietary Leanings: Omnivore. I just love food, and cooking, so I find it hard to limit myself to just plant-based food items. Although I love myself a good vegan/vegetarian meal!

My favorite vegetable: Tomatoes! They’re a vegetable in my book…

Breakfast: We had some leftover orange/mango/cantaloupe juice that we had made with the juicer this weekend, so as a treat I made a smoothie with that and some vanilla whey protein powder. It was like a 50/50 milkshake for breakfast! Definitely not an every day thing… but such a treat.

Lunch: A pita bred sandwich with homemade black bean spread, grilled zucchini, fresh local tomtato, and spinach. The bean spread was super easy – I just stuck 1/4 cup of canned black beans in the blender with about 1 tbsp of salsa and the juice of half a lime. It was my first time making it and I’m pretty sure it will now become a staple in my fridge.

Snacks: Some crackers with peanut butter, and a green plum.

Dinner: Heirloom tomato pizza. Mixed up some good ricotta with lemon zest (to taste), spread that over raw whole wheat pizza dough. Placed slices of heirloom tomato all over the pizza, then sprinkled with fresh basil, drizzled with olive oil, seasoned with sea salt. Baked the pizza according to dough instructions, et voila! The ricotta is so creamy and mild, it really lets the tomatoes shine, but still holds up as a base sauce replacement.

Dessert: A So Delicious coconut milk ice cream sandwich, banana split flavor. It’s like neopolitan but with banana instead of vanilla! They are tiny so it’s hard to eat just one…
Agreed—and that pizza sounds off the chain. Anyone else cooking with—or preserving—heirlooms right now, before they’re all gone?