A Superfood Dessert You And Your Skin Will Love

Once upon a time I was almost exclusively a savory gal. But these days I have a full-blown sweet tooth, and one thing I love to order if I see it on the menu is a little French number called Pot de Crème. Have you tried it? So good. Like ice cream that hasn’t been frozen, but instead whipped into delicious chocolate submission. I’ve never made it but I know that it’s filled with the usual dessert suspects like cream, egg yolks, and lots of... Read More

4 Guaranteed Ways To Get Your Glow Back

Not too long ago my skin was feeling pretty down in the dumps. I told you guys all about it and the comments poured in with recommendations and kind words. (You’re the best, did you know?) The problem: A combination of deep exhaustion, season change, and some serious laziness around self care in the skincare department. As I write this on the eve of a monthlong yoga retreat, I can almost taste all the fresh air and deep breathing that lay ahead.... Read More

My MM: Natalie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Happy Meatless Monday y’all! We’ve got Natalie in the house from Toronto, with a super-balanced vegan menu. We love this series, because it inspires us to try new recipes and think outside the box. It’s so easy to get stuck in eating ruts, right? If you like it too, and have yet to send in a menu, don’t delay! Just follow the format below. Name: Natalie Hometown: Toronto My dietary leanings: Vegetarian since January 2007,... Read More

My MM: Kate’s Meatless Monday Menu

We love this menu for many reasons, not least of all becauze Kate just sounds like a lot of fun. Help answer her questions in the comments, and don’t forget to send in your meatless adventures. Name: Kate Hometown: Los Angeles My dietary leanings: I eat lots of veggies and fish. Occasionally I’ll eat red meat and goat or sheep dairy. My favorite vegetable: Sauerkraut! That counts right? Breakfast: Lately I’ve been having giant breakfasts... Read More

My MM: Hallie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Milkshakes for breakfast and pizza for dinner? This is an MM menu to get excited about. Thanks for sharing Hallie! Name: Hallie My Dietary Leanings: Omnivore. I just love food, and cooking, so I find it hard to limit myself to just plant-based food items. Although I love myself a good vegan/vegetarian meal! My favorite vegetable: Tomatoes! They’re a vegetable in my book… Breakfast: We had some leftover orange/mango/cantaloupe juice... Read More

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