Help! A Reader Needs Prom Worthy Makeup Suggestions!

One thing that thrills us to no end is that our NMDL community includes women of all ages. We believe the topics we discuss are relevant for every stage of life, but it’s particularly touching when you get a note from a young woman who started her journey into non-toxic makeup and skincare at the sweet age of 16. Wow, just wow. This reader, Kaitlin, is prepping for her first school dance and wants to look her best without compromising her... Read More

Help! A Reader Needs Your Green Beauty Gift Ideas for Her Teenage Daughter!

Take a moment and pretend you are either a) about to turn 16 and have a serious thing for green beauty because you are wise beyond your years, or b) there’s a nearly 16 year old beauty in your life who you want to pamper with green beauty goodies. Now add to these scenarios a serious nut allergy. What would your green beauty wish list or gift list look like? One of our readers wrote in seeking your gift ideas for her daughter’s sweet sixteen.... Read More

How Do You Treat Keratosis Pilaris Naturally?

Do you have keratosis pilaris or know someone who does? It’s a common skin condition that causes rough patches and acne-like bumps along the arms, thighs, cheeks, and buttocks. Sometimes the bumps are red, but they are usually white and don’t itch or hurt. Apparently KP happens when a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within the hair follicle. KP affects an estimated 40-50% of the adult population worldwide! For that... Read More

What’s Your Favorite Clean Product For Short Hair?

Time for a little crowdsourcing! Kari wrote to us seeking some recommendations for styling her short pixie-ish cut. Admittedly, we’re stumped. Take a look… I have been searching for a clean hair wax/pomade/etc. that’s good for holding short pixie-ish hairstyles in place without needing oodles of hairspray. I’ve tried Rahua’s wax, Yarok’s Feed Your Do, and Josh Rosebrook Styling Cream, all to no avail. My style... Read More

Help! When Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

Do you exfoliate your face? Do you use a physical exfoliator that scrubs your skin clean with ingredients that grab ahold of and sweep away goop? Or do you use a chemical exfoliator that contains something like fruit enzymes or naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids, which dissolve and eat away the dead skin cells? Most of you who practice exfoliation will likely have strong opinions about what type is best for skin (some of you may shun it entirely),... Read More

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