What Do You Do To Glow?

I have a problem.

My skin’s in a funk. It doesn’t look exactly bad. I’m not broken out, and there’s no one problem area that I can point to. It just doesn’t have a glow going. It looks like tired skin, not happy skin.

Unfortunately, I think this is a tired-on-the-inside kind of problem, because for the most part I follow my own advice: I get plenty of sleep, and I eat well and I’ve been really regular about exercise and back on the yoga train for real. I work like a dog, of course, but on the weekend I always try to take one day where I completely chill and often get a massage.

But what I’m realizing is that when you’re tired on the inside—in that way where you just need a real vacation and to forget about work and Syria for a while—one weekend of pampering isn’t gonna cut it on its own. At least not for me. So, either I need a way to fake it, or a recommendation so awesome and effective that it knocks my skin out of its funk.

So, let’s hear it. What works for you? Do you drink green juice all day? Do you meditate on joy? Is it luminizer, or is it lasers? What’s your secret weapon when you want to get your glow on?

I will say that May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt was doing it for me. So I’m going to re-up on that stat. The great news for this girl is that I only need to solve this problem for a month because…

Come mid-October, my retreat from the world is coming in a big way! I am off to do a yoga teacher training, a longtime dream that I’m finally realizing. Now, I’m kind of banking on that giving me my natural glow back. But a girl has to live in the now, right? Help!