4 Natural Deodorants To Keep You Stink-Free This Summer

I’ve talked about this before on NMDL and from countless conversations I’ve had and other blogs I’ve read, I’ve deduced that natural deodorant is one of the trickiest things to switch over when you’re going clean. The catch is that it’s one of the most important, right? Aluminum in our anti-perspirants has been linked to cancer, especially breast cancer, for the fact that it’s been classified as an endocrine... Read More

Product Review: INIKA Eyeshadow, a Vegan Dupe for Living Luminizer

My newfound need for beeswax-free (or vegan) cosmetics left a major hole in my makeup routine when I discovered that RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer was the beeswax-full culprit for tiny whiteheads on the inner corners of my eyes and below my eyebrows. It felt like I was going clean with my beauty routine all over again—I had to start a search for new, holy grail products, and man, does that take TIME. Then I was introduced to INIKA Cosmetics... Read More

Product Review: Meet Schmidt’s Deodorant (A Self-Interview)

There’s a new kid on the natch-deo block, you guys, and I’m totally crushing. But instead of the usual review style, I’ve opted for the grossly underused self-interview. Longtime readers may remember when my cofounder Siobhan introduced this format to the site. Well I’m bringing it back! Let’s begin, shall we? Q: Thanks for taking the time today. I’ll just jump right in and ask you: What is it about Schmidt’s that stood... Read More

Product Review: ARCONA Gentle Solution (Plus a Few Other Great ARCONA Products)

Remember when Siobhan lamented that we hadn’t covered the ARCONA line yet? And how, as clean-beauty bloggers, we need to jump on that train? Well, here it is: the first in a series of reviews about the products I’m now going to refer to as amaze-balls. I was introduced to the line by a fellow beauty blogger when I was looking for an anti-aging serum for my highly reactive, acne-prone skin. I’d tried other night serums that promised... Read More

Product Review: Juice Beauty CC Cream Stem Cellular Repair

Juice Beauty has a new Stem Cellular Repair collection that has me super excited. They make some pretty big claims about results, like reduction of lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone and luminosity. Yes, I’ll have some of those, please. I chose two of the products to try, and was so thrilled within a few days of use I could hardly believe it. I wanted to be really, really sure the remarkable change was not just random (my skin can be great... Read More

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