Leigh’s Morning Hair And Skin Routine… Exposed!

Name: Leigh Age: 23 Hometown: Houston, TX Current weather: Cool (50s and 60s) and sunny lately, but hot and humid every other season! Hair: Slightly wavy and very thick; prone to dryness and frizziness.  Naturally a dark ash blonde, but in a moment of weakness I dyed it dark brown with regular (super dirty) box dye about a year ago.  I loved the color, so I maintained it for several months. BUT seeing as how I would like to have functioning respiratory... Read More

Rachel’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Rachel and her eclectic routine that mixes DIY with off-the-shelf, and a lot of clean with a little dirty. She also blogs about clean beauty! Woot. (PS you guys, it’s supposed to be stars from the distant past, but these Canadian twins are pretty adorable so we’re letting it slide… :) Name: Rachel Age: 31 Hometown: St. Paul, MN Weather: Winter. It’s mostly been below zero, but we’ve had a few warmer days. Mother... Read More

Gorgeously Green Announces Beauty Awards! Who Would You Pick?

The wonderful Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green has published her latest green beauty awards, folks, and we’re liking what we see. Like us, Sophie has spent a lot of time testing out the best products clean beauty has to offer. Among her makeup winners are RMS Beauty’s ‘un’cover up and living luminizer (love!), Living Nature’s lipstick (love!), Nvey’s eyeliner (need to try!), Alima’s bronzer (ditto!), Physician’s... Read More