Outdated Beauty Advice Via The Hairpin

Have any of you been reading  The Hairpin? We’re kind of insta fans. It’s a for-the-girls venture in a similar spirit to Jezebel, and so far we’re finding the writing pretty hilarious.

Back in October Edith Zimmerman, the site’s founder, wrote a funny rant about her adventures with natural deodorant. (Like us, she finally discovered Lavanila, and was able to sweat in peace.) More recently we’ve been enjoying a series called Outdated Beauty Advice which chronicles the tales women were told from vintage beauty guides.

Among the creepy things we’ve learned from this column: Formaldehyde was once recommended as a deodorant (what can’t this stuff do?) and ammonia at bath time. Apparently ammonia’s “delightful effects can only be compared to a plunge in the surf.” Other crazy things women were told? “If you have been ten pounds overweight for the last ten years, you are officially obese,” and that “overweight women should never wear slacks.”

I’d love to talk about how far we’ve come… But between our formaldehyde hair treatments, our chemical peels and our vaginal facials, I’m not so sure. Hopefully one day young women will be shaking their heads at these ridiculous beauty rituals. Oh wait, hopefully that day is here.

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