How To Cleanse and Steam Your Face the Easy Way

If I could find the time, I’d take a long hot bath every night before bed. While I can keep dreaming that my life will slow down enough to do so, I’ve found a method for cleansing my face in the evening that helps me feel nearly as grounded and calm. If that sounds like a lot to attribute to such a simple task, I dare you to try this for yourself. The method I’m about to describe is not some unheard of cure-all. It’s simply... Read More

Two Product Reviews For Winter Skin Solutions

This winter has had some bitter cold days, even in my beloved and typically mild Bay Area.  Sitting next to my portable heater while working/blogging on my laptop was really doing a number on my skin.  I started to incorporate some oils that are heavier than my usual argan, but still it wasn’t quite enough, even with plenty of hydrating on the inside.  Although I had previously rejected the oil cleansing method as not the right thing for me,... Read More

How to Clean Your Face Without Washing It

Since the big reveals a few weeks ago—when Siobhan and I told you our play-by-play morning routines—some of you have asked me to describe how it is that I go about cleaning my face without water. Much like not washing my hair, not washing my face is just where things kind of went for me on this path. I’m not particularly evangelical about it, cause, well, it’s not for everyone. People wash their faces for all kinds of reasons; it... Read More