The Sacred Scent of Palo Santo (For Hair and Body)

Palo Santo Tree (the oil comes from fallen branches or dead trees) Despite my sensitive skin and nose, or maybe because of them, I am a lover of essential oils.  I’ve been playing around with my own blends for years, so I can’t believe that I didn’t know about Palo Santo until recently.  Also known as Holy Wood, it has quite a unique scent.  It’s somewhat comparable to a high quality frankincense, with the addition of an ever-so-soft woody... Read More

Product Review: Pai Rosehip Oil + Studio 78 Foundation = Skin Perfection

There’s only one thing better than discovering a product you love, and that’s figuring out a killer combo. In a recent panic over a misplaced (and since retrieved) tube of Juice Beauty CC cream, I did just that. For better or worse, the CC cream has made me realize just how much I like having that subtle look of more even skin. So when it went missing I reached into my medicine cabinet and was reintroduced to a product I had previously... Read More

Do You Buy Your Beauty Products Online?

It’s not exactly news that people are buying more and more stuff online. Ecommerce sales are expected to hit a cool $370 billion by 2017. And just this past holiday season, UPS and Fed Ex struggled to keep up with the unexpected surge in online sales. But it’s one thing to take a chance on a pair of shoes and quite another to purchase something that’s going on your skin. Color-matching and smell are especially tricky when buying... Read More

A Love Letter to My Purse and Its Contents

As fate would have it, my purse was stolen one week ago today. I was out celebrating friendship and a birthday with my girlfriend at a posh little Vietnamese restaurant in one of the burgeoning areas of D.C., the 14th Street Corridor. Like seemingly every restaurant in D.C., there was an hour plus wait for a table so we sat at the spacious bar to have dinner. The bag I was carrying was a little crossbody number that can also be used as a clutch,... Read More

Happy Friday Deal From NuboNau!

Back by popular demand! For those of you who missed the last deal, or those of you who just can’t get enough, NuboNau has got you covered. The ladies at NuboNau have just restocked some of your favorites, like the Juice Beauty CC Cream, and they added new goodies from Neon, RMS, and more. So here’s the deal… NuboNau is giving you 20% off their entire collection! Just use the promotion code NMDL20 at checkout. The deal is yours until... Read More

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