We’re Not Gone! (We’re Just Not Here Right Now)

Psssst. You there? If you’re here, you’ve no doubt noticed that No More Dirty Looks has gone dark lately. That’s due to a number of factors that aren’t as dire or desperate as they may seem when you realize the last time any of us posted was, well, two plus months ago. The fact is, everyone involved in this project has been busy doing a lot of soul searching—not to mention having jobs—and in the meantime, this baby has... Read More

Thanks to Fashionista for Naming No More Dirty Looks the Best Green Beauty Site!

Blaow! We’re honored. Thrilled. Surprised. Happy. Humbled. Fashionista—a style site with an appreciation for pink that we can totally relate to, and content we absolutely love—loves us back! They did a list of the 10 best beauty websites on the nets, and we made the cut: Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt have some serious journalism and beauty industry chops between the two of them. The site is thoughtfully written, and manages to... Read More

Have You Read Our Book?

It’s market research time over here at No More Dirty Looks. We love this blog, and it makes us really happy to see that our readership here keeps growing (oh, and P.S., we are getting GREAT no soap stories). But here’s what we’re wondering: How did you get here? Have you read the book or did you stumble on the site through other channels? And if you haven’t read the book (or didn’t realize it existed), you should know... Read More

What a Week!

You’ll have to excuse us if we’re a little bit distracted this week, but we’re overwhelmed by all of the amazing activity. As most of you know yesterday we were on The Today Show. What a blast. If you missed it, you can watch it online here. This is also the week that Siobhan started her new job and Prevention Magazine, and that Alexandra is getting married! Add to all of this good fortune that there’s an article about us... Read More