Most Women Still Feel Ugly Without Makeup—Do You?

It’s been well over a year ago now since we held the No-Makeup Challenge, and got these inspiring results from readers who dared to go barefaced in public and snap a pic for us. The point of the challenge was never to get down on makeup—we’re both huge fans of the transformative power of lipsticks, eye liners, concealers and blushes—but to call into question our dependance on the stuff, and just to re-introduce everyone to their... Read More

The Clean-Makeup Challenge—Join Us!

It’s that time again, folks! As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been preparing to announce a new challenge. The Nancy Drews out there have probably already figured out that this one is about makeup (ding ding ding!), and once again, there is a prize! Consider this the opposite of the no-makeup challenge we launched in September. That one was a huge hit: We asked you to brave a naked face outside the house, and you all looked... Read More

The No-Makeup Challenge: The Results Are In!

Get excited, people: We have some new pics for you to feast on. In case you missed it, last Monday, inspired by Rabbit Write’s no-makeup week, we threw down a gaunlet of our own: Just one day, leave the house and go do something (anything, really) without makeup on, then send us a pic! This was not meant as any kind of diss to makeup; we love the stuff. But when you apply it day-in, day-out, you might very well forget what you look like without... Read More