Most Women Still Feel Ugly Without Makeup—Do You?

*We first asked this question a few years ago, and we’re curious how things have evolved—especially given the no-makeup look that seems to be all the rage on runways recently. Here’s the throwback post for this week… chime in! It’s been well over a year ago now since we held the No-Makeup Challenge, and got these inspiring results from readers who dared to go barefaced in public and snap a pic for us. The point of the challenge... Read More

The Clean-Makeup Challenge—Join Us!

It’s that time again, folks! As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we’ve been preparing to announce a new challenge. The Nancy Drews out there have probably already figured out that this one is about makeup (ding ding ding!), and once again, there is a prize! Consider this the opposite of the no-makeup challenge we launched in September. That one was a huge hit: We asked you to brave a naked face outside the house, and you all looked... Read More

The No-Makeup Challenge: The Results Are In!

Get excited, people: We have some new pics for you to feast on. In case you missed it, last Monday, inspired by Rabbit Write’s no-makeup week, we threw down a gaunlet of our own: Just one day, leave the house and go do something (anything, really) without makeup on, then send us a pic! This was not meant as any kind of diss to makeup; we love the stuff. But when you apply it day-in, day-out, you might very well forget what you look like without... Read More