Do You Remember Your Clean Beauty A-Ha Moment?

We’re just full of questions today, aren’t we?! We’ve actually been meaning to ask you this one for a while now, because when it comes to clean beauty everyone has had what we call the “a-ha moment”—and it can make for great story telling. Of course, you’ve heard ours about a billion times now: We got the Brazilian Blowout, found out we’d put ourselves through toxic trauma, started reading the labels on... Read More

Hey, Elle, Stop Bleaching Your Cover Models [UPDATED]

First things first: Yesterday we were chosen by MyDaily UK as blog of the week! We’re so very flattered, but as I was basking in the glory I came across this disturbing post about how the very beautiful Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (or Ash, as the Indian press calls her) is pissed at Elle Magazine. You see, Ash didn’t take too kindly to the new racial identity provided by Elle India‘s photoshop team [my apologies, I initially... Read More