My MM: Lauren’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet Lauren. We love her palate and her adorable Peter Rabit impulse when it comes to snacks. (It isn’t really stealing if it’s your nannan’s garden, right?). Lauren’s part of the world sounds so lovely. We’d love to share a cup of tea with her! Name: Lauren Home: A little village in Yorkshire, England My dietary leanings: I like to eat a nice balance of everything. Generally, I have meat twice a week (chicken, lamb,... Read More

My MM: Anni’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet Anni. We love her tip for boosting calcium levels and her unusual use of chia seeds. And doesn’t avocado and lime just scream summertime? We think so! Name: Anni Home (for now): The Windy City! Dietary leanings: After 5 years of being vegetarian, I’ve recently started introducing a bit of poultry back into my diet. A few years back, I discovered a lactose-sensitivity and I’ve also recently been having some problems with wheat... Read More

My MM: Debbie’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet Debbie. She’s 58 (yay! grownups!) and became a “modified vegan” with her husband in order to shed a few pounds. They’ve kept up the lifestyle for love (of delicious food) and health. (We found the recipe and an image for the quinoa/date salad she makes. Yum!) Name:  Debbie Age: 58 (adds a little diversity to your site!) Location: Evanston, Illinois My husband and I became “modified” vegans last summer. I... Read More

My MM: Casey’s Meatless Monday Menu

Love this simple menu from Casey—and happy to see a sometimes-MM-hater share. :) It’s Monday, everyone, let’s get happy and kick it off with some health! (Oh, and if you weren’t around Friday, this deal is still onnnnn until Thursday.) I’d like to preface this by saying that I am one of the sometimes-haters of Meatless Mondays. This is mainly because I think it’s important for people to focus on both food and physical... Read More

My MM: Ash’s Meatless Monday Menu

Here’s our new M.O. on MMs: If we have great ones in the inbox, we’re gonna share them! And this one is bomb. Packed with healthy, yummy-sounding recipes… this is exactly the kind of menu we love to get! (hint, hint, send) Enjoy! Name: Ash Home: California Dietary Leanings:  This has been in flux recently. For 5 years I was 100% vegan, now I’m more ovo-vegetarian with an occasional serving of wild-caught, sustainable fish (once... Read More

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