Alice’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

True story—one of us spent New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh years ago. The Scots call their end of the year festivities Hogmanay, and it involves lots of kissing. We think this Morning Routine from Scotland is a great way to end 2015. Name: Alice Florence Age: Eighteen City: Edinburgh Current Weather: Raining and dull, it’s Scotland – what did you expect? Skin: Normal/dry with breakouts Hair: Wavy, shoulder length and strawberry blonde. Favourite... Read More

Leila’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  Does it take a lot of effort for you to get out of bed each day? Leila is living proof that you can still have a killer morning routine, even if you battle with the alarm clock. Enjoy! Name: Leila Age: 24 City: Bristol, England/Brooklyn, New York Current Weather: Fall-ish and rainy. Exactly what you’d imagine English weather to be! Skin: Ranges from dry to very dry, acne-prone Hair: Long, fine but thick, very dark, and wavy-curly –... Read More

Send Us Your Morning Routine!

One of our favorite NMDL traditions is the weekly Morning Routines Exposed feature. We love hearing about how you care for yourself, what your favorite DIYs and holy grail products are, and how you go about your morning in preparation for the day ahead. Your personal rituals inspire us and — judging by the comments readers leave on those posts — they get you excited about the clean beauty lifestyle, too! If you’ve enjoyed the Morning... Read More

Lucia’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

There are more than a few elements to this routine that caught our eye. Lucia clearly knows what she wants out of a beauty routine and how to get it. Her hands-on DIY approach is inspiring! Name: Lucia Age: 24 City: Brooklyn Current Weather: Winter is hanging on for dear life Skin: normal, occasional hormonal flare-up Hair: long, straight, fine, color of buckwheat honey Favorite Star from the Past: Sophia Loren, the goddess I try to wake up early... Read More

Annalee’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love the mix of DIY and ready-made, easily accessible items in this routine. We’re dying to try the DIY cleansing grains, too! Enjoy this lovely routine! Name: Annalee Age: 21 City: Annapolis, MD Current Weather: Winter, freezing cold but the sun is out and the air is bracing and fresh! Skin: Extremely fair, combination, sensitive and prone to redness. Hair: Shoulder length – Naturally blonde,... Read More

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