Charlotte’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Looks like clean beauty is making its mark even in our nation’s capitol! One of our favorite green beauty retailers—Follain—set up shop in D.C. nearly a year ago, opening up a world of healthy beauty to savvy women like Charlotte. We think you’ll love her routine… Name: Charlotte Age: 32 City: Washington, D.C. Current Weather: High 60s Skin: Normal (Olive) Hair: Brown, Fine and Plentiful Favorite Star from the Past: Elizabeth... Read More

Caitlin’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Clearly, NMDL reader Caitlin is as taken with clean skin care as the rest of us. We envy her collection of cleansers, and we echo her sweet, final sentiment with regard to all the skincare geniuses who make our routines possible. Read on for inspiration and smiles. Name: Caitlin Age: 30 City: Blairstown, NJ Skin: Sensitive, reactive, breakout prone, still slightly scarred from years of acne, fair to medium complexion with a neutral undertone. Hair:... Read More

Anna’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

This fresh Morning Routine comes to us from a new mom in California. We love how child birth has inspired so many women to investigate what’s in their products and make a change for the better. Name: Anna Age: 29 City: Redwood City, Northern California Skin: Oily, but since having my son 16 months ago I am prone to more dry patches. Hair: Thick, long, and often oily at the roots. Favorite Star From the Past: She’s not from the distant... Read More

Elizabeth’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This bare-bones DIY-centric morning routine is refreshing. Supplements play a bigger role for Elizabeth’s routine than makeup, and there are plenty of essential oils to drool over. We love it! Name: Elizabeth Age: 21 City: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Skin: Acne prone, super sensitive and picky- but fairly happy now (see below) Hair: Medium brown, mid-chest length, a bit wavy Fave star from the past: Gloria Steinem In the morning… I am not good at... Read More

Michelle’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

Product junkies, rejoice—this reader’s routine is FULL of recommendations and thoughts on a range of healthy, non-toxic goodies. We love Michelle’s candor and enthusiasm for green beauty! Name: Michelle Age: 30…but I usually get mistaken for a college student and I sort of have a complex about that even though I’m told I’ll “appreciate it when I’m older” City: Los Angeles Weather: mid-70s, sunny, pretty perfect,... Read More

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