Kate’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

When a Morning Routine includes the phrase “slather my face in honey”, you know we’re all in. Enjoy this lovely walk through Kate’s routine—she’s full of green ideas.  Name: Kate Age: 28 City: Calgary, Canada Weather: We’re in the middle of a chinook right now, so despite the snow on the ground it’s actually quite pleasant! Skin: Fair, normal-to-sensitive Hair: A mess of waves and curls that look quite nice when they’re... Read More

Desiree’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

  Oh Desiree… we love your routine, especially the real life moments we can all identify with. This one is bound to make you crack a smile, so read on dear friends! Name: Desiree Age: 31 City: Toronto, Ontario Current Weather:  Brisk fall days and chilly nights Skin: Combination, sensitive, with occasional acne flare-ups brought on by hormones and sugar binges Hair: Thick wavy lobb Favorite Star From the Past: Winona Rider in... Read More

Helen’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine…Exposed!

NMDL reader Helen proves what some of us already know…puppies really are the best mood boosters! We love her resilience and happy attitude, even in the face of big life challenges. Her routine features some great finds, too. Enjoy! Name: Helen Age: 26 City: New York Skin: Pale and finicky- perioral dermatitis means I’m always trying to stave off a flare-up, and while I don’t have the acne of my teenage years, I still get blackheads and occasional... Read More

Jennifer’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

We think the way Jennifer starts her day says everything. Who doesn’t want a little of this routine in their life? Name: Jennifer Age: 21 City: Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny and warm today Skin: Fair with pink undertones Hair: Thick and wavy; the sun changes my hair from auburn in the winter to deep honey in the summer Favorite star from the past: Andrée Heuschling, the model for Pierre-Auguste Renoir It has taken me 5 years to finally settle on my... Read More

Caitlin’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Clearly, NMDL reader Caitlin is as taken with clean skin care as the rest of us. We envy her collection of cleansers, and we echo her sweet, final sentiment with regard to all the skincare geniuses who make our routines possible. Read on for inspiration and smiles. Name: Caitlin Age: 30 City: Blairstown, NJ Skin: Sensitive, reactive, breakout prone, still slightly scarred from years of acne, fair to medium complexion with a neutral undertone. Hair:... Read More

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