You may recognize Carol from the NMDL community. Her sweet and positive vibe in the comments section reminds us why we love doing what we do. Carol has some serious green beauty wisdom to share, so grab a cup of herbal tea and settle in for a lovely routine.

Name:  Carol
Age:  49
City:  Indian Wells, CA
Current weather:  Sunny & dry, dry, dry!  Around 110 degrees daily with a/c running 24/7 (summer in the desert!)
Skin: Dry, Aging, Sensitive
Hair: Dry, Wavy/Curly, Shoulder-Length, Color my grey (with as chemical-free color as I can find)
Favorite Star From The Past:  tie between Leslie Caron & Jaclyn Smith during her “Charlie’s Angels” era

How I start each day…

I start each day with equal measures of love & hydration.  The love part is a generous misting of Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist as soon as my eyes open, a big hug from my lovely daughter who runs in to greet me each morning, followed by giving our sweet golden retriever his morning Ark Natural dog treat — he gets SO excited about it (not realizing it’s really to clean his teeth) that it melts my heart, and I make my dear husband a big mug of coffee. The hydration part is brewing 2 cups of Organic India Tulsi Tea.  (I have those big over-sized Fiestaware mugs in assorted cheerful colors to wake up to).  I rotate between their Tulsi Vanilla (my favorite one) or Tulsi Cinnamon Rose or Tulsi Guta Kola and I make sure to let it seep for at least 10 minutes, all of which I learned from the lovely Susannah on NMDL. I also add 5 drops of Lotus Wei Joy Juice Elixer to my morning tea to help with being cheerful.

The hydration continues while I’m waiting for my Tulsi tea to brew, I hold a warm washcloth to my face and then follow with a generous mist of Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic in the rose scent (it’s so fresh, like sticking my face into a bouquet of fresh-cut roses from the garden) and I follow that with several pumps of her ah-mazing Serum which has this luscious ylang-ylang scent. I also hydrate my lips with Kari Gran cinnamon lip whip (shout out to Alexandra for mentioning this on NMDL — that’s how I discovered it).  Back to the love part, I also swish my mouth with Tom’s of Maine natural mouth-wash and follow with a spritz of Lotus Wei Infinite Love perfume on my hair, wrists, and my heart (as Katie from Lotus Wei suggests) so that I smell nice for my family as we are preparing breakfast. While I drink my tea, I sit quietly for 20 minutes or so and read my favorite blogs, starting with NMDL.

After tea is finished, we always make healthy breakfast smoothies — sometimes green smoothies (lots of coconut water, baby spinach, frozen berries) and sometimes tropical (unsweetened coconut milk, fresh pineapple chunks, frozen banana, splash of orange juice). If anyone is being cranky, I keep a bottle of Lotus Wei Joy Juice Mist on the kitchen counter and mist it around to keep us cheerful (neither myself or my daughter are morning folk). I then fill a large glass with half Zico coconut water and half Perrier water. I find the straight coconut water a little hard to take, but I also desperately need the hydration while I exercise and feel so much better sipping coconut water throughout the day here in the desert. I add 5 more drops of Joy Juice Elixer to my water glass and walk for 30 minutes on my treadmill. I like to mist my face again with my Kari Gran Hydrating Tonic just before I step on the treadmill, it feels so refreshing.

In the Shower…

Right before I step in, I roll Tata Harper Automatic Stress all over my hands and do 8-10 slow deep breaths. The amazing combo of scents really calms me down. Then I wash my hair with Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner — the regular one. I much prefer the scent of their Volumizing shampoo & conditioner, but they make my scalp itch and dry out my hair too much. The regular Rahua combo makes me have perfect hair days so I hang in there with the scent. I know a lot of people love the Palo Santo scent, so I feel badly saying I don’t care for it, but I’m a fruity, floral or citrus gal. For body wash & shaving my legs I use John Masters Organics Bourbon Vanilla & Blood Orange body wash — it smells so fabulous. I exfoliate with an Osmia coffee & mint soap bar that I keep in the shower on their ingenious little soap saver stand. I step out of the shower and leave my skin dripping wet (as I learned from reading the Osmia blog) and slather my legs & arms with Osmia Body Oil in Sunset. I also wrap my hair up in an old t-shirt so it won’t drip down my back.

Out of the Shower…

For deodorant, I am now using and loving In Love With Body Care deodorant in unscented (I have my husband using their Morocco scent — spearmint) that I discovered thanks to the samples sent to me by the exceedingly kind Terri at Integrity Botanicals. Just upgraded to a full-size tube of it and love it so much more than my former deodorant — Nourish Organic — which worked but was scratchy feeling going on. This deodorant has coconut oil in it, so it is very creamy and feels very gentle on my skin. Love it! I mist my face with my Kari Gran rose mist again, followed by her glorious serum (side note: most normal people don’t have to apply Kari Gran mist & serum several times a day, but my skin is crazy dry with the desert air and a/c going so I do a mid-day hydration too). I brush my teeth with The Honest Company toothpaste in mint — it’s SLS & fluoride-free and the only mint toothpaste that doesn’t sting my tongue when I use it. I floss my teeth with Reach woven soft floss in mint.  Now I unwrap my hair from the t-shirt and scrunch it all over with Rahua hair wax. This is a life-changing product that keeps my dry hair curly and not frizzy and has completely replaced my previous “cocktail” of multiple other products that drove me crazy.


Most days at home, I just opt for 3 things: combing my eyebrows with Jane Iredale clear brow gel, my Kjaer Weiss mascara & Osmia lip gloss in Whisper.  If I’m headed into the California sunshine, I put John Masters Organics SPF 30 sunscreen all over my face & neck and top it off with RMS lip to cheek in Demure on the apples of my cheeks. I’ve read so much praise for the Josh Rosebrook SPF 30 day cream that I’ve gotten some samples and am considering the switch, the skin on my face is very dry and sensitive and the John Masters sunblock works well but tends to dry out my skin even more. I use Hurraw SPF 15 lip balm (love the tangerine/vanilla scent and it goes on clear!) then put my Osmia lip gloss over the top. On my arms & hands I slather on Erbaviva SPF 30 which smells so nice…. light lavender scent.

Throughout the Day…

Every time after washing my hands, I love putting on my Osmia Linden Rose Hand Cream (shout-out to Rebecca on NMDL for recommending) mixed with a few drops of Lotus Wei Infinite Love for a nice boost of rose and positive energy. I also try at least twice a day to take a mini-break by closing my eyes for 2 minutes and letting a Wei of Chocolate dark chocolate melt in my mouth. Heaven.

Bedtime note…

Just wanted to share that the ultimate de-stresser is taking a warm bath with Zoe Organic’s Mama’s Ritual Bath Salts. Even if you aren’t a mom, we all need to find healthy ways to relax and there is something magical in this mix that is so calming I almost pass out in the bathtub — it’s that relaxing. If I don’t have time for a bath, I agree 100% with a post on NMDL a few months ago that Susannah wrote about how the warm cloth & facial oil cleansing ritual (using Kari Gran cleansing oil) is as relaxing as a bath. The combo of the warm cloth and the lavender scent is an ultra-relaxing way to end the day. I also like rolling on Tsi-La Fleur Sauvage and breathing it in right after I finish caring for my face at bedtime. Tata Harper’s Bedtime aromatherapy and a big mug of Organic India Rose tea is a lovely way to end my day.

After writing all this out, I kinda feel like I use a lot of products (high-maintenance?) but I’ve come to learn that little bits of self-care scattered throughout the day culminates in feeling so much better and more calmer about life…

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This morning routine is all the way from Dubai. We love the mix of clean products plus the single ingredient, DIY style approach here. Be sure to add your suggestions for an eye cream in the comments!

Name: Haseena Samtani
Age: 34
City: Dubai, UAE
Current weather: a toasty 120 degrees daily
Skin: Was clear until my first pregnancy, now hormonal due to another pregnancy and breast feeding. Uneven and prone to hyper pigmentation post break outs. It’s medium/dark with a golden undertone and tans very easily.
Hair: long, dark and in between wavy and curly.
Starlet from the past: I always adored Lucille Ball. She was the first woman on TV that I thought was just stunning.

How my day begins…

Just before going to get my 15 month old to nurse, I crack open a fresh coconut and drink the water. If I’m lucky and there’s soft flesh, I eat that as well. I’m pregnant with my second child and during my first pregnancy I drank a coconut every day, it’s an old Indian tradition. After she’s done and while she’s playing, I’ll have a green smoothie; usually blended coconut milk, pineapple, mango, spinach or kale and a couple spoons of chia seeds. If I’m feeling hungry I’ll do a whole grain peanut butter toast or a bowl of yogurt with fruit. I also take an iron and Pre-Natal supplement at this time. This keeps me going until lunch. After that I massage my babe with organic cold pressed coconut oil and I slather it all over myself too. About a half hour before bathing I’ll rub some manuka honey on my face or just where I have a little spot.

In the Shower…

In the shower, I alternate between Dr. Bronners, Whole Truth bars (currently using Mud & Glory), or African Black Soap. I usually quickly lather up using a sea sponge. If I have time (on the weekends when the hubs is with my baby girl), I’ll rub down after soaping with a mixture of sea salt and oil (usually olive). I shampoo every few days, sometimes with baking soda mixed in a little water and sometimes with Yarok Feed Your Volume Shampoo. I’ll condition with Dessert Essence Red Raspberry Deep Conditioner. If my legs need it, I’ll run the razor over them, although I try to wax with a homemade honey based sugar about once a month.

Out of the shower…

I apply more coconut oil if my skin still is feeling dry; otherwise I skip it. I’m also trying out Butter Elixir and Intelligent Nutrients body oils, which I am loving so far! In the “winter” of Dubai, I’ll massage a little pure shea butter on my elbows and heels. It also helps nipples if you are breast-feeding and is great on diaper rash! I’ll put a few drops of rose hip seed oil on my face. I had wanted to try the Pai one but it wasn’t available in Dubai, but I did find a local brand that I love (it’s SO rare for that to happen here). It’s called Shirley Conlon Organics Rosehip Oil.  I also really love the Gressa Purifying Oil, which I stock up on from the states. I’ve found it to tame my breakouts and help with pigmentation too. If I’ve washed my hair I leave it to air dry. If it needs a little refreshing then I’ll sprinkle some One Love Organics dry shampoo at the roots. This is a new find and I love it!  I put some coconut oil on my under arms to as a base for the Soapwalla Deodorant Cream I apply next.

Then I do my makeup…

A quick brush of Jane Iredale Mineral Powder in Suntan (it’s been very tough to match my skin color, but this one seems to work nicely), some Vapour Aura Multi-use Stick in Torch quickly smeared on my cheeks, Indian Kajal under my eyes and I’m done. If it’s a special occasion I’ll put a little RMS Concealer under my eyes and some Alima Pure Mineral Eye Shadow in Chai under my brow bone. I love this color as it just melds with my skin. At this point I’m usually running out the door for some class or play date.

At night while putting my little love to bed, I’ll sip hot water with lemon. To remove my make up, I massage olive oil on my face. If I’m not too tired I’ll steam for a few minutes too. Or I’ll tissue off the oil to remove the makeup and apply some manuka honey for a bit while watching TV with my other love. Then either cleanse with Evan Healy Lavender Milk or One Love Organics Foaming Cleanser. I use a Clarisonic a few times a week to keep my skin clear. After I spritz with a hydrosol (Evan Healy is one of my favs) and apply Gressa Purifying Oil. A couple times a week I’ll throw some Arcona Gentle Solution on too, although I haven’t done this since becoming pregnant as I’m trying to be extra gentle with my skin. I also love masks so whenever I have time I’ll do the green tea clay one from Evan Healy, Gressa Dirty Pretty Things or make my own with a little fullers earth, turmeric and yogurt. This really makes my skin glow, just a pinch of turmeric though, otherwise you end up looking like a pumpkin!

I love products so my routine is ever evolving. Going green with my beauty has been the best decision for me. I do miss a nice eye cream. Anyone have one they love?

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Raise your hand if you’ve tried Sheswai nail lacquer. No? Get on this polish! The formulas are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp’s, and the color selection is too fun. Speaking of fun, you’re going to love this routine from the founder of Sheswai. We can’t wait to meet her at A Night For Green Beauty. Join us there!

Name: Debbie Leavitt
Age: 43
City: Los Angeles
Current Weather: sunny; perfect
Skin: clear for the most part, subtle suns spots,
Hair: dark, wavy, shoulder length, medium fine
Favorite Star From the Past: Angelica Houston

The night before…

I prefer to cleanse my skin at night before bed and keep it simple in the morning. A few nights a week I use my Clairsonic and mix up my cleansers from time to time, I’m currently using John Masters Rose Foaming Face Wash. The nights when I don’t use the Clairsonic, I like to use May Lindstroms Clean Dirt,  I dig the gritty-mouse texture.  Before applying moisturizer I do a spritz of toner and am currently using John Masters Rose & Aloe Hydrating Mist, the sweet scent is lovely.

While my skin is still damp I may use a bit of Lina Hansons face serum, and a moisturizer created by my nearly 90 year old friend from Russia; she calls it ‘rich cream’ and although it can leave a bit of a greasy sheen on the skin it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin truly soft & subtle with a glow.

Mind & Spirit…

I believe the most important way to start the day is with the thoughts you think. I’m an early riser and I love the stillness before the hustle begins. I like to take this time to count my blessings / meditate and create the tone for my day. I believe this all makes a difference in ones beauty.

Movin’ & Shakin’

I like to get the blood flowing and some fresh air in the morning… whether it’s a yoga class, circuit training, or a walk with Mick, my awesome dog. Before I head out the door, I’ll splash some cool water on my face, brush my teeth, apply a small amount of my ‘rich cream’, and drink a glass of water, (sometimes with lemon).

Body – Inside & Out…

My mornings can vary depending on my work schedule, but when I have time I like to have a soothing soak in the tub. A handful of Epsom salts and energizing essential oils like eucalyptus & ylang ylang, or a blend by Hope Gillerman makes for spa-like aromatherapy. Before I hop in the tub or shower I’ll do a quick dry-brush and swipe coconut oil from feet to neck.

About once a week I make a sugar scrub using organic sugar and olive oil with a few drops of lavender. Before entering the water I stand in the shower to scrub from the feet up. It’s a classic DIY that anyone can make for a simple exfoliation. I love the healing rituals of the Korean Spa and try to go every couple of months to soak and get scrubbed to a rosy glow.

I like to moisturize with a variety of oils and creams. I could spend hours in a natural food store just testing all the body products. I always have coconut and olive oils on hand; I prefer coconut oil in the spring/summer, and sesame or olive oil in the fall/winter. I use olive oil to remove eye make-up and to hydrate feet & hands.

The body moisturizers I use go through a steady rotation of “a little of this and a bit of that”…currently I’m using ‘The Super Salve Co – Combo Cream’, it’s a luscious mix of the last 2 inches remaining at the bottom of the barrels in 4 of their others products, I also like the sweet vanilla scent in John Masters Organics – blood orange & vanilla body milk,  and at times the rich earthy scent of Dr Hauschka – Lavendar Sandalwood body lotion. I really like pure shea butter and will use it at night before bed.

I prefer essential oils to perfumes and will combine a couple of different oils depending on what I’m feeling.  I LOVE patchouli but usually cut it with another oil so it’s not too potent.

I believe in the magic the earth provides and like to drink herbal brews and fresh pressed juices regularly. My preferred tea is the Detox Tea by Dr Schulze; it has cleansing herbs that heal from the inside out. It truly creates a glow and brightens the eyes. I always notice a difference when I drink this regularly.

Hair & Make-up…

I wash my hair a couple of times a week, usually at night to avoid using the hair dryer. I use a leave-in spray conditioner by ShiKai. For styling, I use a wide barrel curling iron to tame frizzes and create a smooth tousled bend in my hair.

I like to keep make-up to a minimum, so after my sunscreen and moisturizer settles in, I use a tinted foundation to even skin tone. I love a rosy glow and will use a lip/cheek stain lightly on my cheeks. I like lush lashes and will use mascara to open the eyes. For lips I could go anywhere from a bold bright fuchsia red, to a stain of barely there. I always have a few lip glosses & balms in my bag to freshen up.

Time for a mani-pedi! What Sheswai colors do you love or have on your wish list? We’re loving “So Cute”, because duh…

liza m


We love S.W. Basics for its uber simplicity and gorgeous ingredients. Hey, not all of us are divas when it comes to a beauty routine. It’s fun to see how much brand founders and their products are alike, and Adina’s morning routine is the perfect example of this. S.W. Basics will be bringing the best of Brooklyn to L.A. for A Night of Green Beauty one month from today!

Name: Adina Grigore
Age: 29
City: Brooklyn, NY
Current Weather: Global warming uber storm
Skin: Eastern European aka I blush and burn easily
Hair: Long, brown, and has a mind of its own. Some days curly, some days straight, some days both in different parts.
Favorite Star From the Past: Liza Minnelli

Let’s be real, I wouldn’t be the founder of the simplest skincare line in the universe if I had a really complicated morning routine. Wouldn’t that be kind of weird if I created a line of eight products, all with five ingredients or less, and then every morning I used and did fifty different things? It totally would. I’ve never really told anyone this, but the company was partly born out of my laziness. I just couldn’t bring myself to commit to multiple-step routines that seemed required to have really nice skin. I wanted to use one or two awesome ingredients every single day and be done with it. You heard that right, that’s what I wanted for the whole day.

So my morning routine is not super impressive. I wake up and double fist coffee or tea with a big glass of water, because I’m really bad about water intake, and as all good NMDL readers know, good skin comes from the inside out. Then I brush my teeth. I rotate between gross Sensodyne (I have super sensitive gums and still can’t make my mind up about flouride!) and super hippie toothpaste like Earth Paste, Tooth Soap, or one of my DIY concoctions. Sometimes I’ll even brush with just water or sea salt or a touch of baking soda, or I’ll spritz just a touch of Weleda Ratanhia mouthwash straight onto my brush. It’s super refreshing! For my face, I wash with water. I count out twenty splashes and then gently pat dry with a towel.

On my best mornings (2-3x per week), I work out before going into the S.W. office. These days I’m really into T25, and I love getting really mad and yelling at the host Shaun T a lot. It puts me in a great mood. I get drenched from the workout so I’ll shower, which currently includes a rotation of Acure Argan Oil shampoo, Goldie’s clary sage shampoo, and Aubrey Organics Green Tea Shampoo. I do not usually condition, that’s a once a month occasion and right now I like Acure’s mint conditioner. I use S.W. Basics body scrub and hibiscus mask about once a week, otherwise I just vigorously scrub my face and body down with… water.

When I get out, I tie my hair up into a bun, coat my face in S.W. cream, coat my legs in S.W. unscented body oil, or if I’m out I use plain olive oil, and that’s it! I am obsessed with Aubrey E plus high C deodorant, not the spray one, only the roll on. I swear by this deodorant. If I have a meeting I’ll use Maybelline mascara and I love Sumita eyeliner, but even that is pushing it.

Like I said, I am super low maintenance (don’t worry, I make up for it in a million other ways. My personality takes up too much space for my looks to get in the way). But with insanely sensitive skin, this super simple routine is what works for me. It’s the calmest and happiest my skin has ever been!

Have you tried S.W. Basics? Tell us what you love!


If you’ve never tried something from May Lindstrom Skin, you must. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve encouraged you to do so, as all of us here at NMDL have a favorite (or three) product from this gorgeous line. May is participating in A Night For Green Beauty for the second year in a row, and we can’t wait to pick her brain about what’s next… we heard there’s a jasmine mist and a new website on the way!

Name: May Lindstrom

Age: 31

City: Los Angeles, California

Current weather: Hot hot hot, with some wild wind tunneling through the open windows of my studio.

Skin: Sensitive, reactive, prone to rashes and various forms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and bouts of hormonal acne (post-pregnancy and breastfeeding related). When in balance, my skin is one of my best physical traits. When out of balance, it’s a painful nightmare.

Hair: Thick & curly lion mane. My hair is several inches past my shoulders, is totally untamed and big, and I let my spirals go wild. I have quite a lot of silver at my crown which I embrace. I can’t wait until my whole head turns white like a unicorn!

Favorite star from the past: Not too far in the past, but I’ve had a girl crush on Laeticia Casta since I was about twelve. She oozes the kind of confidence in her skin and her own beauty that you can’t help but love. Glowing skin, lush hair and an insane body ripe with curves doesn’t hurt!

First thing….

I wake much too soon with my early bird daughter. She’s almost two now, and finally learning to sleep past six am. Just barely. We start the day with cuddles in bed with papa, drinking water together out of a quart mason jar I always have at my bedside, or jasmine green tea if the day begins cool. Once we are up, we take our giant yellow lab, Rex, and our little (so far) black rescue potbelly pig outside for some morning sun.

In the shower…

As an overly busy mama with sensitive skin and hair that dries out very easily, I only shower every couple days at most, washing my hair maybe once or twice per week. When I have time, I love to dry brush before I step into the water. It makes my whole body feel tingly and alive — great for mornings following not enough sleep.

In the shower, I wash with Yarok Feed Your Volume shampoo (or Alaffia, which is a great budget-friendly alternative that you can find at Whole Foods), and condition with the matching conditioner. I leave the conditioner in until the last minute of my shower to really suck up all the goodness. While the conditioner is sinking in, I exfoliate my face, neck, shoulders and chest with The Clean Dirt. I keep this in the shower to make sure I always remember to use it, being careful not to let water into the bottle of course. This also stays on my face until my final rinse. Now, scrub my body from the toes up with a rough little scrubby mit (no soap) and if I have time, a quick shave wherever necessary using Dr. Bronner’s in Rose or Almond. A little massage to my face as I rinse The Clean Dirt, then turn water to cool to rinse my conditioner. Wrap my hair up in an old tshirt or microfiber towel to speed up the drying time (I always air dry), and I’m out.

Out of the shower…

I skip towels — except for my hair — entirely. While my skin is still dripping wet, I massage either The Youth Dew or The Blue Cocoon (or both, if my skin is asking for it) into to my face, neck and decollete and then fill my palms with The Good Stuff. One quick sweep from my toes all the way up my legs, over my belly, chest, arms and down my back and I’m hydrated head to toe. Wet skin makes this so much easier, extends the use of your oils and the water allows for deeper penetration. It’s a win win. Plus I find towels full of bacteria to be a pretty unattractive thought! :)

Once my skin’s needs have been met, I let my hair down and scrunch my ends up to restore their curls. I just started using the Rahua hair wax, and so far I’m really liking it. It’s wonderful blended with a bit of The Good Stuff for extra moisture and shine! I will admit that I don’t wear sunscreen. I haven’t found one that I love yet, and so I really do prefer to just cover-up and avoid the high sun times of the day as needed. This is what works for me and my particular skin. My very, very white husband and baby girl are another story. I’m definitely on the lookout for a better solution for them. What are you liking?

I used to make my own deodorant for myself and my husband, but as life has gotten busier, I have gotten a little lazy. I usually skip it altogether, but if I reach for something it’s a stick by Nourish in Vanilla Almond. It’s a little sticky, but it does the trick. I finally just got around to trying Soapwalla (which seems to be everyone’s favorite), but the verdict is still out. I don’t love the actual scent of the product, but I don’t stink when I wear it either. We will see where this progresses… My teeth get brushed with my favorite toothpaste – it’s Jason Sea Fresh and it does not have SLS or Fluoride. It tastes great and works. I highly highly recommend.


Most days, I try to let my skin breathe as much as possible. I’ve found that the more I commit to my overall health and wellness, and to deepening my own skin care ritual, the less I desire to hide. There is something freeing about going bare, if a little vulnerable. A touch of RMS Un Cover-Up in 22 or Kjaer Weis cream foundation in Just Sheer or Illusion evens out any redness that I am prone to. The Blue Cocoon really helps with this as well, and it’s gorgeous beneath makeup of all kinds.

I love a flush of color on cheeks and lips and I’m a big fan of products that can multi-task. A few favorites are Vapour’s Courtesan or Intrigue, Revolution Organics’ Blushed, RMS Sacred or Sublime and Kjaer Weis Goddess, Passionate, Romance, Blossoming, Romance and Desired Glow (think I have enough?!). I use everyone’s lip and cheek products interchangeably. Oh – I also do love Ilia’s lip crayon in Karma Chameleon and Dress You Up and Arabian Nights lip conditioner. RMS Living Luminizer is a must for a pretty glow that fakes perfect skin and a long night’s sleep. I wish Rose-Marie made this in a golden tone, I would be all over it because the formula is perfect. I only recently began wearing mascara again after several years of not. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find my perfect match. I use Kjaer Weis (cannot resist her packaging), but it does flake a bit on me – as they all do.

A quick mist with my soon-to-launch The Jasmine Garden, and my look is done. Despite the long list of products I covet, this is usually a less than five minute process. Cover, color, glow and go.

Bedtime routine…

I’m usually pretty wiped out by the end of the night but I do try to make time to wind down with my skin and my self before bed (and my beautiful family of course). When I put in the extra minutes to really enjoy my self care experience, I actually sleep better and feel more rested and healthy when I wake – which ultimately saves time getting ready in the morning! If I can carve out some quiet for myself, I love to submerge in a hot bath, salty as the sea, with a few drops of essential oils added just before stepping in… blue tansy, blood orange, palo santo, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender… so many favorites that are incredibly different from each other and I always adjust to either the current mood, or the mood I am desiring.

While I soak, a masque of The Honey Mud blended with The Problem Solver is my favorite treat of all time. There really is not a better combination – you still get a little heat from The Problem Solver and the incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, but also the nourishment and coziness of The Honey Mud. It’s perfect and you just have to try. If I’m limited on time and there’s not space for a bath, a quick wash with The Honey Mud takes away the grit of my day. A couple pumps of The Youth Dew and a bit of The Blue Cocoon and I am sent to bed with all the nutrients my skin desires. An extra touch of The Blue Cocoon around my eyes and over my lips is the perfect night treatment.

My hair usually gets a bit more of The Good Stuff finger combed through my wild waves and into my dry ends before bed, but if I’m looking to switch things up, I do really love La Bella Figura’s Bohemia Verde hair oil. It has a beautiful scent. I want to try Rahua’s finishing treatment as it looks promising – has anyone tried it? Or have any other nourishing treatments to recommend? I would especially love to discover a detangler that actually keeps wild hair like mine from tying itself up in knots!

Thank you so much for letting me share. I have followed this series for what seems like forever and delight in discovering new treats through this rich and engaging community! I really could not be more excited to take part. Love love love to all of you!