Lynn’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

  Sometimes you find what works best for finicky skin and you stick to it. That’s the case with this reader, Lynn, who found her holy grail skincare line and combines it with a handful of savvy DIYs. You’re going to enjoy this routine! Name: Lynn Age: 28 City: Albuquerque, New Mexico Weather: Days are warming up, but with lots of our New Mexico spring winds Skin: Combination Hair: Straight light brownish blonde hair Favorite star... Read More

Kelsey’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

This routine is full of practical advice, a few questions for the community and dreamy clean beauty products. Can’t beat that! Enjoy the lovely details and be sure to chime in below in the comments. Name: Kelsey Age: 22 City: Washington, DC Weather: Just turning to spring (finally!) Skin: Pale with pink undertones, combination, sensitive Hair: thick and wavy and medium brown Favorite Star from past: Joni Mitchell In the Shower… I’m... Read More

Clare’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

For a woman who is new to green beauty, this reader has an incredible knowledge of clean brands and DIY. We are dying to dig into some of her DIYs, and oh la la those Australian brands we’ve never heard of… Name: Clare Age: 23 City: Perth, Western Australia Weather: Hot and sunny with bright blue skies almost everyday! Hair: A wavy bob with a fringe. It’s naturally ash (so ash it’s grey) but I’ve been dying it light red... Read More

Ashley’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

If you love essential oils, you’ll relate to this fun morning routine. Like many of you who share with us, this reader has her own little space on the internet, too! Name: Ashley Age: 34 City: Denver Weather: Sunny and dare I say spring-like?! Skin: sensitive, combination Hair: brown, fine Favorite Star from past: Diane Keaton My mornings always begin with meditation. I quietly sneak out of my bedroom leaving my husband and two fur babies sleeping... Read More

Julianna’s Morning Skin & Hair Routine… Exposed!

Give this routine your attention and you’ll nab some juicy little tips and tricks in the process. From a reader and makeup maven, we loved reading what Julianna’s buzzing about. Name: Julianna ( Age: 34 City: Seattle Weather: Foggy Skin: Sensitive, combination Hair: Dark, straight, fine, and a lot of it. Favorite star from the past: Anna Karina I shower at night, making the morning rush less chaotic. I used to... Read More

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