Water Based Moisturizers

I’m the president of the fan club of face oils.  Since they are best applied on moist skin, my obsession for them matches well with my obsession for hydrosols.  But last winter I started needing some additional help with my dry skin, especially right around my lips.  Just like your lipstick rubs off in the course of the day, any product you’ve applied around the lip area can wear thin.  A sip of kombucha here, a mid-morning snack... Read More

Product Review: Osmia Organics Facial Calibration Serum

Confession: When I was a sophomore in high school, I spent an entire day working in the summer sun at a dance team car wash fundraiser sans sunscreen on my décolletage—and I’ve spent the years since then regretting it. My skin blistered and flaked (kids! Sunblock is your friend!) and peeled and made me wish topical painkillers were more like medicinal marijuana in their effectiveness. When it finally, finally healed, I was left with sunspots... Read More

Product Review: Juice Beauty CC Cream Stem Cellular Repair

Juice Beauty has a new Stem Cellular Repair collection that has me super excited. They make some pretty big claims about results, like reduction of lines and wrinkles, and improved skin tone and luminosity. Yes, I’ll have some of those, please. I chose two of the products to try, and was so thrilled within a few days of use I could hardly believe it. I wanted to be really, really sure the remarkable change was not just random (my skin can be great... Read More

10 Amazing Uses For Aloe Vera. Plus: What Do You Use It For?

The other day, I was reminded of something Alexandra and I discovered when we were writing the book: That basically every beauty biff under the sun could be ameliorated with a little aloe. As we started studying ingredient lists on our old products, we noticed that so many products we’d known and loved for years had aloe listed first on the ingredient list, which, remember, means there’s more of it in there than any other ingredient. So... Read More

Natural Skincare Has a Bit of a Boy Problem

Well, my boy has a bit of a problem, in any case, and I need your help finding him a good, um, boysturizer. First, let me back up: Despite the fact that I do this for a living and can be a bit of a zealot (“Do you know what is in that?!”), this is something he has decided he wants to do (mostly) on his own. He’s switched his shampoo and conditioner, uses my Tom’s toothpaste, and is super supportive of what we’re up to... Read More

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