Meet the MyPlate—Less Confusing Than the Food Pyramid, But Will It Work?

Michelle Obama, our inspiring First Lady of the Dougie and the nation’s healthy-food champion, made a big announcement this morning at the USDA headquarters: the food pyramid is being replaced by—what now seems like an obvious choice—the plate! The message: Make half your meal fruits and vegetables, a quarter protein, and a quarter grain. (Looks like we still need that glass of milk though—hello dairy lobby!) So what do you think? From... Read More

The “It’s Not Exercise, It’s Fun” Challenge—Join Us! (There’s a Prize)

Salut les ami(e)s! Inspired by best thing we’ve ever seen in our whole entire lives and all these new trend pieces about how everyone is a ballerina again, we’re going to try something a little different. It’s another challenge, but this one is physical. Consider it as a way to break out of your rut! Plus, there’s nothing more pretty than the glow of health, and also: There’s a prize. In the next two weeks, we want you... Read More

Why I Hate My Clean Hair

You guys, something pretty major happened last week. Yes, Osama’s dead, relations with Pakistan are fraught, and Michelle Obama’s dougie almost outshone her husband’s own stellar moves (in case you missed him on 60 Minutes)—but also, I got highlights. Don’t be mad! Here’s what happened: Remember how a few weeks ago I was musing about a spring makeover? Well, that longing for a physical change grabbed me by the girly bits in a way that... Read More