Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Let’s show a little love to the boys today and help this reader out. Have any of you found a clean men’s cologne? Or made one yourself? From our inbox…

Hi ladies,

I’m having an extremely difficult time finding a good cologne for my husband! He used to wear Polo Blue, and while it smelled wonderful I won’t let him wear it anymore. I was buying him the Herban Cowboy one from Whole Foods for a bit, but I read somewhere that it might not be any better for him. I got him a sample of Honore de Pres Nu Green, and his response to whether or not he liked it was a shrug. I think it was a bit too feminine. Most websites, like SBL just have a unisex fragrance section, and the scents aren’t quite “manly” enough. Could you tell me, or ask our lovely community, whether they have any suggestions? Or maybe someone has a good recipe using EOs and vodka or something that I could whip up for him. The rest of his routine is clean as a whistle, but there are just so few options to fill this void. Poor guy needs to smell nice too!