My MM: Nancy’s Meatless Monday Menu

Meet Nancy. She’s pregnant, she’s mostly vegan, and she’s a hydrating machine. Enjoy her awesome menu!

Name: Nancy Lili

Home: I’d call Austin home, but I currently live in Odessa, Texas

Dietary Leanings: Two years ago, due to an extreme bout of food poisoning where I almost lost my large intestine and appendix, I became a “selective omnivore,” (read Eating Animals). Then I saw a video of a pig slaughter—and though I’d seen videos of animal slaughter and had been brought to tears by them before, this one hit me in a different way. I’m now 100% vegetarian with vegan tendencies.

My favorite vegetable: I love a perfectly in-season avocado and I love beans. All beans. Black. Pinto. Chickpea. Navy. Northern. Canned. Fresh. Beans, beans, beans.

Monday morning I…

Began the day with 20 ounces of lemon-water (the trick to drinking two liters of water a day is to find a large jug you like, carry it absolutely everywhere, and re-fill as necessary). I then also had 8 ounces of Yogi’s Mother-to-Be tea (am nine months pregnant), and a bowl of cereal. The cereal is a combination of Central Market’s Raisin Bran, a muesli, and a mix of chia, hempseeds, and flax. I use Silk’s Unsweeted Original Almond Milk.

A few hours later…

I ate two and a half brazil nuts. (My dog always begs for whatever I’m eating, so I’ll give her the last half of the third nut.)

In the blender, I added ice and an organic banana to Vega One’s nutritional shake in vanilla chai to water, and ta-da. That keeps me satiated for awhile.

Then for lunch…

One slice of Rudi’s Honey Sweet Whole Wheat toast with organic omega-3 mayonnaise with flax oil (by Spectrum) and with Central Markets’ red pepper hummus with a black bean pattie on top (usually by Amy’s), and a few slices of organic pickles on the side.

At least another 20 ounces of water, too.

For a mid-afternoon snack…

I juiced a cucumber, green pepper, cilantro, pink lady apple, sliver of ginger (all organic)—just the extra veggies I had lying around. Again, I make sure to drink another 20 ounces of water before dinner.

Then for dinner…

I roasted eggplants, portabello mushrooms, and zucchinnis in the oven with olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, and pepper, and top those with a mix of grape tomatoes, basil, and Amish gorgonzola cheese (an easy dinner to make, inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2011/09/roasted-eggplant-with-tomatoes-and-mint/). I also made organic brown rice and served that alongside this, drizzled with yet more olive oil, Himalayan sea salt, and pepper. With dinner, I drink coconut water, about ten ounces.

For dessert…

I had frozen grapes and frozen mango chunks, and I go ahead and eat about 20 ounces of crushed ice too. (I know it’s bad for my teeth, but I crave it!)

By the end of the day, too, I’ve anywhere from 60-100 ounces of water, not including other beverages.