Meatless Monday Inspiration: The Environmental Working Group Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen

Let’s talk about clean food, shall we? Specifically, let’s talk about selecting the cleanest of clean foods. The Environmental Working Group is a research and advocacy organization whose mission is dear to our hearts. The EWG provides public information on the health issues associated with toxic chemicals in consumer products. You may know them best for their invaluable cosmetics database, Skin Deep, which indexes and scores products... Read More

What’s Your Meatless Monday Inspiration?

Pssst. Want some Meatless Monday inspiration? Head over to The First Mess, a funky little blog whose author is all about high-vibe food. These banana bread granola bars are vegan and gluten free, for those who care. They’ll be a fall staple, as will this Moroccan style vegetable + chickpea stew. Dates and lemon zest forever. Where do you get your Meatless Monday inspiration? Spill the beans!  Read More

Meatless Monday Inspiration: Zucchini Muffins, Plus 6 Other Delicious Things You Can Do With Zucchini

God bless Erin McKenna. It’s CSA season and I’ve been saddled with more zucchini than I know what to do with. It’s a hardy veggie and it keeps for about 10 days when properly stored in the fridge, but when you’re getting a couple pounds of them every week as I am, a girl has to get creative. I’ve known I was gluten allergic for about eight or nine years and since, with the exception of a fresh buttery croissant,* I... Read More

My MM: Hannah’s Meatless Monday

This is not your typical MM menu, and we’re kinda loving it. Because Hannah hails from Alaska—and not  NY or LA, where kale is practically sold at convenience stores—this is not a vegan-friendly, so-crunchy-it’s-probably-raw menu. Hey, we love those too! But our mouths are watering at the sound of locally baked cinnamon bagels, the neighbor’s eggs, and last fall’s fresh-picked blueberries, frozen in their state of perfection.... Read More

Meatless Monday Inspiration: 14 Days of Green Smoothies

I’m on a big green smoothie kick, which is something I have a weirdly hard time admitting in public. I’ve already gone on the record saying I’m not into cleanses, and as a food lover who adores cooking, I prefer to get my nutrients from whole foods—not ones pulverized into a convenient melange from the blender. I’ve had many green juices in my time, and I like them fine, but I know plenty of people who go gaga for smoothies... Read More

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