If you’ve never tried something from May Lindstrom Skin, you must. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve encouraged you to do so, as all of us here at NMDL have a favorite (or three) product from this gorgeous line. May is participating in A Night For Green Beauty for the second year in a row, and we can’t wait to pick her brain about what’s next… we heard there’s a jasmine mist and a new website on the way!

Name: May Lindstrom

Age: 31

City: Los Angeles, California

Current weather: Hot hot hot, with some wild wind tunneling through the open windows of my studio.

Skin: Sensitive, reactive, prone to rashes and various forms of eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and bouts of hormonal acne (post-pregnancy and breastfeeding related). When in balance, my skin is one of my best physical traits. When out of balance, it’s a painful nightmare.

Hair: Thick & curly lion mane. My hair is several inches past my shoulders, is totally untamed and big, and I let my spirals go wild. I have quite a lot of silver at my crown which I embrace. I can’t wait until my whole head turns white like a unicorn!

Favorite star from the past: Not too far in the past, but I’ve had a girl crush on Laeticia Casta since I was about twelve. She oozes the kind of confidence in her skin and her own beauty that you can’t help but love. Glowing skin, lush hair and an insane body ripe with curves doesn’t hurt!

First thing….

I wake much too soon with my early bird daughter. She’s almost two now, and finally learning to sleep past six am. Just barely. We start the day with cuddles in bed with papa, drinking water together out of a quart mason jar I always have at my bedside, or jasmine green tea if the day begins cool. Once we are up, we take our giant yellow lab, Rex, and our little (so far) black rescue potbelly pig outside for some morning sun.

In the shower…

As an overly busy mama with sensitive skin and hair that dries out very easily, I only shower every couple days at most, washing my hair maybe once or twice per week. When I have time, I love to dry brush before I step into the water. It makes my whole body feel tingly and alive — great for mornings following not enough sleep.

In the shower, I wash with Yarok Feed Your Volume shampoo (or Alaffia, which is a great budget-friendly alternative that you can find at Whole Foods), and condition with the matching conditioner. I leave the conditioner in until the last minute of my shower to really suck up all the goodness. While the conditioner is sinking in, I exfoliate my face, neck, shoulders and chest with The Clean Dirt. I keep this in the shower to make sure I always remember to use it, being careful not to let water into the bottle of course. This also stays on my face until my final rinse. Now, scrub my body from the toes up with a rough little scrubby mit (no soap) and if I have time, a quick shave wherever necessary using Dr. Bronner’s in Rose or Almond. A little massage to my face as I rinse The Clean Dirt, then turn water to cool to rinse my conditioner. Wrap my hair up in an old tshirt or microfiber towel to speed up the drying time (I always air dry), and I’m out.

Out of the shower…

I skip towels — except for my hair — entirely. While my skin is still dripping wet, I massage either The Youth Dew or The Blue Cocoon (or both, if my skin is asking for it) into to my face, neck and decollete and then fill my palms with The Good Stuff. One quick sweep from my toes all the way up my legs, over my belly, chest, arms and down my back and I’m hydrated head to toe. Wet skin makes this so much easier, extends the use of your oils and the water allows for deeper penetration. It’s a win win. Plus I find towels full of bacteria to be a pretty unattractive thought! :)

Once my skin’s needs have been met, I let my hair down and scrunch my ends up to restore their curls. I just started using the Rahua hair wax, and so far I’m really liking it. It’s wonderful blended with a bit of The Good Stuff for extra moisture and shine! I will admit that I don’t wear sunscreen. I haven’t found one that I love yet, and so I really do prefer to just cover-up and avoid the high sun times of the day as needed. This is what works for me and my particular skin. My very, very white husband and baby girl are another story. I’m definitely on the lookout for a better solution for them. What are you liking?

I used to make my own deodorant for myself and my husband, but as life has gotten busier, I have gotten a little lazy. I usually skip it altogether, but if I reach for something it’s a stick by Nourish in Vanilla Almond. It’s a little sticky, but it does the trick. I finally just got around to trying Soapwalla (which seems to be everyone’s favorite), but the verdict is still out. I don’t love the actual scent of the product, but I don’t stink when I wear it either. We will see where this progresses… My teeth get brushed with my favorite toothpaste – it’s Jason Sea Fresh and it does not have SLS or Fluoride. It tastes great and works. I highly highly recommend.


Most days, I try to let my skin breathe as much as possible. I’ve found that the more I commit to my overall health and wellness, and to deepening my own skin care ritual, the less I desire to hide. There is something freeing about going bare, if a little vulnerable. A touch of RMS Un Cover-Up in 22 or Kjaer Weis cream foundation in Just Sheer or Illusion evens out any redness that I am prone to. The Blue Cocoon really helps with this as well, and it’s gorgeous beneath makeup of all kinds.

I love a flush of color on cheeks and lips and I’m a big fan of products that can multi-task. A few favorites are Vapour’s Courtesan or Intrigue, Revolution Organics’ Blushed, RMS Sacred or Sublime and Kjaer Weis Goddess, Passionate, Romance, Blossoming, Romance and Desired Glow (think I have enough?!). I use everyone’s lip and cheek products interchangeably. Oh – I also do love Ilia’s lip crayon in Karma Chameleon and Dress You Up and Arabian Nights lip conditioner. RMS Living Luminizer is a must for a pretty glow that fakes perfect skin and a long night’s sleep. I wish Rose-Marie made this in a golden tone, I would be all over it because the formula is perfect. I only recently began wearing mascara again after several years of not. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find my perfect match. I use Kjaer Weis (cannot resist her packaging), but it does flake a bit on me – as they all do.

A quick mist with my soon-to-launch The Jasmine Garden, and my look is done. Despite the long list of products I covet, this is usually a less than five minute process. Cover, color, glow and go.

Bedtime routine…

I’m usually pretty wiped out by the end of the night but I do try to make time to wind down with my skin and my self before bed (and my beautiful family of course). When I put in the extra minutes to really enjoy my self care experience, I actually sleep better and feel more rested and healthy when I wake – which ultimately saves time getting ready in the morning! If I can carve out some quiet for myself, I love to submerge in a hot bath, salty as the sea, with a few drops of essential oils added just before stepping in… blue tansy, blood orange, palo santo, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender… so many favorites that are incredibly different from each other and I always adjust to either the current mood, or the mood I am desiring.

While I soak, a masque of The Honey Mud blended with The Problem Solver is my favorite treat of all time. There really is not a better combination – you still get a little heat from The Problem Solver and the incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, but also the nourishment and coziness of The Honey Mud. It’s perfect and you just have to try. If I’m limited on time and there’s not space for a bath, a quick wash with The Honey Mud takes away the grit of my day. A couple pumps of The Youth Dew and a bit of The Blue Cocoon and I am sent to bed with all the nutrients my skin desires. An extra touch of The Blue Cocoon around my eyes and over my lips is the perfect night treatment.

My hair usually gets a bit more of The Good Stuff finger combed through my wild waves and into my dry ends before bed, but if I’m looking to switch things up, I do really love La Bella Figura’s Bohemia Verde hair oil. It has a beautiful scent. I want to try Rahua’s finishing treatment as it looks promising – has anyone tried it? Or have any other nourishing treatments to recommend? I would especially love to discover a detangler that actually keeps wild hair like mine from tying itself up in knots!

Thank you so much for letting me share. I have followed this series for what seems like forever and delight in discovering new treats through this rich and engaging community! I really could not be more excited to take part. Love love love to all of you!




This past January, I bought my first pair of red shoes*.  I quickly realized that I needed more.  Fortunately, I love to shop for a bargain.  With spring fully in gear, I have hunted and gathered my way to a few pairs.  For casual days, I love them with faded ankle-length skinny jeans.  And red lips.

The Red Shoes: I am insanely in love with my pointy-toe red flats and ankle boots (not pictured) from Frye.  The only eco-fashion thing I can say about them is they last for freaking ever.  Not cheap, but if you are patient you can find them on sale.  And this pair of Converse canvas sneakers does the red shoe thing in playground casual (more support than the standard Chucks, too).

The Skinny Jeans: I’ve long been a Levi’s kind of gal, but I recently discovered Henry & Belle jeans.  They make super soft, super stretchy, comfortable jeans, in lots of colors and styles.  And – bonus – a portion of every sale goes to a variety of good causes, such as Every Mother Counts and Girls on the Run.  I like to order from Melange, which has great sales, a cute blog, free shipping and superior customer service.  To top those jeans, they also carry great organic cotton brands like Prairie Underground and Raw Earth Wild Sky.

The Red Lips: Still working for spring are my fall reds – RMS Diabolique and Ilia Femme Fatale.  I’ve also recently discovered Alima Pure’s Lip Tints, which are immense chocolately improvements on the old peppermint formula.  I can’t tolerate peppermint on my lips, so I was thrilled to try the new tints.  Cranberry is a warm burgundy that really has enough pigment to wear as a lipstick, though it feels like a balm.  The glossier Holly Berry is a spiced rose that is super subtle.  I’m loving wearing the RMS or Ilia pressed into well-moisturized lips like a stain, with one of the Alima tints over as a balm.  I generally like to put a balm over my lipstick, but sometimes a clear balm kind of sucks the color away.  These tints are a perfect topper, and can handle a touch-up on their own when I don’t have time for a full reapplication.

Just some Ilia illuminator around my eyes and RMS bronzer on my cheeks finishes my barely-made-up spring face.

One More Thing: Those exposed ankles are going to need some glow…easily provided by my old favorite, May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff, and my new favorite, Yuli’s Harmony.  Or, try one of my other favorite body oils.

What are your spring inspirations?

*actually, my first was a pair of Adidas sneakers in the mid-nineties, but I’m not counting that right now

Lucky Ingrid founded one of our favorite kind of businesses… a natural beauty boutique! We love indie shops like hers. Ever wondered what someone with the best products at her fingertips would choose to use? Look no further than this routine.

Name: Ingrid Doucet

Age: 45

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Current Weather: Cold, Freezing, Chilly, Cold, etc. Make it stop!

Skin: Good when it’s good but very sensitive and reactive.

Hair: Fine and straight. I have been highlighting it for years but I have cut way down on how often and how many. I have had it darker a few times in the last few years but I always miss the blonde.

Favourite Star from the past: She’s not an old movie star but no less amazing. love love love Diane Keaton.

First thing…

I splash my face with cold water and then spritz with CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray. Sometimes I wake up with a bit of redness and this spray always refreshes and calms my skin. I then drink a tall glass of water and then have warm lemon and water… and then it’s green tea. I am a manic hydrator; I notice a big difference in my skin when I am not drinking enough water so I am a bit obsessed!

In the shower…

I WANT to dry brush but I have been so cold recently that I usually jump in the shower before I can manage it. I love scrubs and lately I have been using Solas Orange and Ginger Sea Salt Body Scrub. The scent is invigorating and it’s extremely moisturizing. If it’s a shaving day I use Dr. Bonners Unscented Shaving Gel, it’s a bit runny but it does the trick. If I am washing my hair I use Yarok Shampoo and Conditioner, our whole little family uses this line and we all adore it. I know most of my gal pals can’t believe I do this but most of the time I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet!! Because my hair is fine I wake up with it kind of messy but with lots of body. I can usually go two or three days without washing my hair with the help of Lulu Organics Hair Powder.

Out of the shower…

I am a body oil fiend. I go between May Lindstrom, La Bella Figura and organic coconut oil. I am really digging the grassy, exotic scent of La Bella’s Skin Aficionado the last few weeks. It brings me back to running through fields in Nova Scotia when I was kid, and that makes me supremely happy.

If I have washed my hair I use Yarok Feed Your Ends as my hair tangles and then use a wide toothed comb to comb it out. I then blow dry my hair upside down, massaging my head in little circles, which helps to give my hair volume, it’s also great for your scalp.

My skin needs very gentle products, I was on a med a few years ago that really did a number on my skin and it hasn’t fully recovered.  Subsequently, it has had a hard time this winter. I’ve been battling rosacea and dry patches.  Cleansing wise, I love Pai’s Camellia and Rose Gentle Cleanser or raw honey. I alternate between the two.

I find changing up my oils, moisturizers and serums every few months really helps with my reactive skin. As long as they are gentle and very moisturizing my skin actually likes the change. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it seems to keep my skin refreshed and happy. So lately I have been using La Bella Figura’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil and CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture. I also love One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum and always use it on my neck and chest. It leaves my skin with a beautiful sheen and it’s perfect for dehydrated, sensitive skin.  Mask wise, I use One Love Organics Brand New Day and Osmia Detox Mask, both are gentle exfoliators and nourishing.


I am a bit of a makeup minimalist. I love being able to see healthy skin so I try to keep my skin as nourished and glowy as possible and hopefully use less makeup to look good! I use Kjaer Weis Paper Thin under my eyes and on any redness that needs covering and then Kjaer Weis Desired Glow on my cheeks. I love this color!! It gives my skin a ‘been to the beach look’, which kinda rocks. I use an eyelash curler and then a few coats of Ilia Nightfall. I then sweep Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine from lash to brow line. My eyebrows seem to grow downwards so I will put a bit of Yarok Feed Your Do paste on my fingers and push them upwards.

I do have a thing for lip colours, for day I go between Tata Harper Be Adored and Ilia Bang Bang, and if I am going out at night I use Kjaer Weis Goddess or Ilia Lip Crayon 99 Red Ballons. I love Osmia Honey Myrrh Lip Treatment and I always have it or a S.W. Basics lip balm on me.

I use a toner to set my makeup and to give my skin some added moisture. I find them to be a wonderful way to refresh my skin, calm any irritation and to give skin that ‘just went for a 15 minute run’ look, I especially find them great for midway though the day when my skin needs a boost. I am currently using Graydon’s Face Food Mist; this toner is unscented and wonderful for fighting blemishes.

Some Extras: I love aromatherapy and I find La Bella Figura’s Travel Therapy and Lotus Wei’s Quiet Mind very helpful. I am also an actress and I love using these at auditions or anytime I am feeling anxious.

Want to shop at Clementine Fields, too? Wait for our Friday Deal! Just two days away.

Winter’s here, and while I know I can hardly complain here on the Northern California coast, my skin is noticing the change in weather.  Cold and dry means mama needs extra help for the next few months.  And I’ve found just the thing.

The Blue Cocoon is a concentrated balm made with really special oils & butters, plus some of my favorite EOs.  The scent is complex, but the stand-out is blue tansy oil, also known as Moroccan chamomile.   It is very refreshing and unique.  I can catch the helichrysum too, with an undercurrent of cocoa butter.

Blue Tansy oil is about to take off in the skin care market, I think.  It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and antihistamine, therefore wonderful for redness and itching.  And it’s known for being calming to the mind as well as the skin.

I have mainly used this at night, initially only under my eyes.  It certainly does make a spectacular eye balm.  Lately I’ve been using it on my whole face (with a hydrosol first, naturally).  I was surprised at the radical difference it makes in how my skin feels when I wake up – crazy soft and well hydrated.  It absorbs so perfectly that I have used it successfully in the daytime as well.

Now, I admit the $160/50 ml (1.69 oz) price tag widened my eyes.  Since I know May’s line well I was sure the quality would match the price, but was I really willing to pay that much for one product?  Yep.  As it turned out, I loved my sample so much I had to make the full size purchase.  Definitely a luxury item, but the one jar should last a few months at least.  This would make a supremely extravagant gift for someone special.  I’m thinking about dividing up a full size into some pretty little glass jars I have stashed, so I can turn it into multiple gifts.

Will you be wrapped in The Blue Cocoon?  What’s helping your skin thrive this winter?

Ingredients:  Camellia Oleifera (Camellia) Seed Oil, *** Butyrospermun Parkii (Shea) Butter, *** Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter, *** Sclerocarya Birrea (Virgin Marula) Oil, Calodendrum Capense (Yangu) Oil, * Adansonia Digitata (Baobab) Oil, * Tanacetum Annuum (Blue Tansy) Oil, **Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Oil, * Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, ** Boswellia Carteri (Frankincense) Oil, * Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium Rose) Oil, * Vanilla Planifolia CO2 Total Essential Oil, Schisandra Sphenanthera CO2 Fruit Extract, * Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Oil, Ravensara Aromatica Oil.

* Certified Organic ** Wild Harvested *** Fair Trade, Raw & Unrefined


My Favorite Body Oils

You'll have baby soft skin with these body oils...

I do still love Stark Skincare’s Meadowfoam, but I have to admit I ventured further into body oils this year, as the cooler seasons rolled in.

I was seeking an all-over glow with beautiful scent, and these get me there.  All are made with high quality oils, and leave the skin ultra soft.  I use a bit after a shower, and run my hands through my hair, too.

May Lindstrom’s The Good Stuff: As regular readers know, I love all things May.  She knocks it out of the park with every single product.  This body oil was the only thing I had yet to try from her line, and it’s a wonderful indulgence.  I normally don’t like ylang-ylang on me, but the subtle blend with rose, lavender and the killer cocoa absolute is addictive.  If you love the scent of The Honey Mud, you will love this too.  This oil has a bit of mica, which mostly just makes it look very pretty in your hand, but I’ve never noticed any overt sparkle once I’ve spread it on my skin.  It’s a very special treat.  ($110/3.38oz)

La Bella Figura’s Skin Aficionado: The ingredients start with some of my favorite oils: camellia, sunflower and meadowfoam.  It has quite a unique blend of scents, but the ginger is what grabs me.  I really notice how supremely soft my skin is after using this oil.  Right now I’m working the last bit of the generous sample I received, and it’s on my list for a full-size purchase soon.  ($90/3.4oz)

Osmia Organics Body Oils: Water Lily is my favorite of the various scents.  Rich with vetiver, it’s grassy and spicy and wonderful.  On the website, it says, “you may find yourself sniffing your arm during meetings.”  Well, yes, I actually caught myself doing just that, and had to laugh!  On a few occasions while wearing this, people have mentioned how nice I smell.  I even put some in a little roll-on bottle* to carry around with me and use as perfume.  There are many other scents to try.  I like Night to seal the deal on a relaxing evening bath.  Stream is also nice, and more on the flowery side.  I love that this oil comes in an unscented version, and in different sizes for easy gift-giving and travel.  ($24/2oz or $70/7.5oz)

Looking for an even more budget friendly option?  Body oil is quite easy to DIY.  You can pick up unscented carrier oils, EOs and bottles at your local clean products spot or Mountain Rose Herbs.  MRH also has helpful information on which EOs go together nicely.  Make a big batch of oil, and you’ll have a beautiful little something for everyone you’re gifting this year.

Which body oil would you love to give (or get) as a gift?

*these are coated glass, if you’d rather avoid that the same site has clear glass rollers and so does MRH

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