What’s that rule about things always happening in threes? Well, first the Department of Labor issued a warning about the Brazilian, and now California is preparing an injunction, both of which are covered in TIME Magazine (where we also weigh in). But the thing likely to get the most attention is this: The treatment made Mary Louise Parker’s hair fall out.

In this Q&A with T Magazine, Parker talks about how she’s become more conscious about what goes in and on her body. She’s eating a primarily vegan diet (veggie glow much?) and being careful to avoid parabens. Oh Mary, if only you knew what else was in there! (Can someone get her the book?)

But in a statement that will likely get a lot of traction (we hope), Parker is advising women against getting a Brazilian blowout.

T: Have you had any beauty mishaps lately?

MLP: Yes. Not trusting my instincts — letting my vanity take over — and having the Brazilian Straightening Treatment. I’ve experienced hair fall-out in the past, and it is not fun. This treatment resulted in more. My advice: don’t do it!

Halle-frickin-lujah. It’s great to hear a little straight talk from a celebrity, and she’s not the only one. Last week Lady Gaga divulged how frequent bleaching and styling is making her hair fall out, and we did an interview with Bliss Tree about natural remedies for it that went up today. Hair, hair, everywhere.

Have you experienced hair loss? Do you know the cause?

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