Meet The Natural Beauty World’s Creme de la Mer

Hold the phone. This piece from Well+Good had our jaws on the floor. We LOVE the Marie Veronique Organics line but had yet to hear of this new luxury brand Pacific that they’ve launched. In a way, we like to see a naturals line pulling out the big guns and competing with a perennial fave like La Mer. But that price tag is just wild! Did you ever use Creme de la Mer? Would you consider using this? (Our truth: We don’t have the disposable... Read More

Product Reviews: Marie Veronique Organics

Every once and a while, I fall in love with a new line. This happens infrequently, because I’m very particular about what I’ll put on my face. But of the four things I have tried, I absolutely adore all of them. One in particular. The line is Called Marie Veronique Organics, and I’ll admit that the little French school girl in me fell for the name.* Once I tried the products, though, I fell for what was inside, too. They have a... Read More

Alissa’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine … Exposed!

Good morning, everyone! Today, we have Alissa…from Australia! Not only is she automatically cool because she is an Aussie, but she is the type of girl with the attitude that positive thinking can help achieve positively lovely skin. How cool is that? She doesn’t forgo products, but I’m guessing she enhances their powers by smiling! Read on, you’ll see! Name: Alissa Age: 23 Current weather: Typical Sydney Autumn…freezing... Read More