Meet Jessica! Her mention of the Konjac Sponge is kismet. (See yesterday’s post.) Plus, fall is around the corner and we feel like talking about makeup. This routine has it all.

Name: Jessica

Age: 27

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but on vacation in PEI

Current weather: sunny but cool… perfect summer weather

Hair: slightly wavy, fine and super thick

Skin: very pale, oily skin with some blemishes but mostly clear

Favourite star or icon from the past: Elizabeth Taylor

In the shower…

I’ve been slowly cleaning up my beauty regimen for the past 2 years and have only started using organic hair products for about 9 months. I have only used Dr. Jones organic shampoo and conditioner and am quite satisfied (I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week). I use an epilator instead of shaving, for water conservation, and regularly get my eyebrows threaded. I just finished a less than entirely clean body wash that I could not resist, as I picked it up at Kualoa Ranch on my travels to Oahu in May. I am only now looking into some really clean but delicious smelling body washes that won’t break the bank. Any suggestions?

Outside the shower…

I cleanse my face every morning with my awesome Konjac charcoal bamboo sponge and with Graydon The Cleanser at night; using May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt every other day before my shower.

I really hate tying up my hair since it gives me severe headaches (curse of super thick hair), but I also hate drying my hair with a blow drier since it damages it. I have started using John Masters citrus detangler to protect my hair from heat damage and when air drying, I love to add some argan oil to my ends. I do not use any other hair product since I really like keeping things simple and minimal. As for my face routine, all I can say is that my Konjac Sponge is the best thing in the world. I have managed to balance my oily skin by cleansing with my Konjac, along with using orange blossom hydrosol as a toner (wanting to now try Stark’s White Willow toner). After toning in the morning, I use Graydon’s The Serum after applying Nurish Organics’ See Spot Run, but if I feel that I need more moisture I use Nurish Organics’ Rejuven-eight Day Cream.

At night, I opt to use argan oil over See Spot Run and One Love Organics’ Skin Savior waterless beauty balm around my eyes for extra moisturization. To cap off my night routine, as lip protection I use Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm as it stays on all night. Sometimes I also like to treat myself
with manuka honey masks when I feel my skin needs a little change in the routine.

Finishing touches…

I LOVE makeup and adore trying different things. However, I am very picky about the ingredients I use on my skin as I am allergic to peppermint oil. I normally do not wear much makeup (lip balm and concealer), except for when I go out for something significant or special. When I do doll up,   I use Gabriel’s black mascara, Lilly Lolo’s brown eye pencil, Vapour Organics illuminist concealer, Vapour Organics Mesmerize eye colours, Ferro cosmetics mineral foundation and 3X blush (which can be also used to give color to lips) and Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm. For a dramatic color on my lips I have Korres’ lip butter in a reddish pink, but am looking to finish it up as quickly as possible since I do not find it to be as clean as I would like it to be. I also have Inica’s lip crayon in Blossom, but I do not like the texture on my lips. I would love to get my hands on some Kjaer Weis products, especially the lip tints as I’ve heard really great reviews. I also highlight some key areas of my face with Vapour Organics Halo in Brilliance. I top everything off with Erbaviva’s Jasmine grapefruit deodorant and Tallulah Jane’s Helona mist. I am still looking for the perfect deodorant, but am having some difficulty as I cannot use baking soda and as for perfume, I would love to find something that is more tropical for the summer, yet still affordable!

I am a huge skin care and makeup junky; loving trying out all the new products I can! Living in Canada, however, limits the brands I get to try as I refuse to pay over-the-top prices for shipping for any products. I really really want to try some stuff by Savvy Boheme, Jiva Apoha, La Bella Figura, and Kjaer Weis… I believe that changing up your beauty routine is always a good thing as skin becomes immune to products and stops being so effective over time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my morning/beauty routine!

We are dying to try this genius, simple recipe from Audie. We’ve talked a lot about honey in these parts: It’s naturally antibacterial, and manuka honey in particular has been studied for its usefulness in treating and healing acne. Lemon, we’ve also learned, can work well to fade scars—which anyone with acne knows is 50% of the problem with problem-prone skin: Your skin finally clears up, and you’re stuck using concealer on your scar, which is annoying and may cause even more problems, depending on what you’re using. Here’s her recipe! Will you be trying it?

Name: Audie

Current hometown: Boise

Product name that I made up: Manuka Honey & Lemon Elixir

Ingredients list: Manuka honey and pure lemon juice

How I made It: I measured 1/4 tsp. of honey and a little less than 1/4 tsp of lemon juice. A little goes a long way since I just apply it to my face.

How it smelled, felt, worked: After using this mixture a few times a week for the last 2 weeks…

I have noticed my acne spots are lighter and any existing acne heals a lot quicker. My congested skin is also clearing up!

Why I will or won’t do this again: I have already seen improvement in my skin and I know with continued use I am going to see greater results.

Happy Monday, everyone! Meet Stephanie and her sweet-as-honey routine. She swears by Manuka for her skin. She also has been getting a lot of mileage out of spiritbeautylounge sample items. Annnd..she makes her own (edible!) DIY brozer. Read on!

Name: Stephanie
Age: 23
Current Weather: In the 70s-80s and humid-ish. I just moved home from the North so I am loving the warmer weather despite the humidity.
Hair: Long, brown, and sort of curly/wavy. Definitely not straight. The oiliness has become non-existent since my switch to natural products and reduction in showers. Which is great because it saves me a ton of time, I find showering to be a pretty grand and involved event in my life. 23 year old problems clearly.
Skin: I have always been acne prone :( I was on a strict regimen of prescription topical stuff which worked, but I got completely fed up with how dry they left my skin. Right now, I just got off birth control but things are still OK. Residual scarring and the odd small breakout are all I have to worry about now with no dryness!
Favorite Star: Miranda Kerr. Was she already chosen? I just love her values and personality! Image via

Before the shower…

I try to do oil pulling with coconut oil (I use the nutiva brand) which is an ayervedic technique that consists of swishing the oil in my mouth for twenty minutes then rinsing with warm salt water. It’s hard to last the full twenty, but I’ve found it is a great way to naturally whiten the teeth and make my whole mouth/gums feel supple and healthy. I will then usually eat breakfast and workout and also take some skin supplements which I thought could be applicable. I take fish oil or flax seed oil, black current oil and evening primrose oil which are GLAs which are supposed to be beneficial for skin and regulating female stuff as well as Indole-3-Carbinol which I saw was recommended in an article for women coming off the pill again to regulate hormones. I also only brush my hair before I shower with a wide toothed comb.

In the shower…

I’ve usually had a Wedderspoon Manuka Honey 16 strength mask on my face for at least half an hour before my shower and leave it on until the end (this was inspired by Siobhan) which I use as a facial cleanser. If I don’t have time to do a mask I will use the Tata Harper cleanser or the Dr Alkaitis cleanser I have from the samples I purchased on spiritbeautylounge. I like them both and find them super gentle, but prefer the manuka for its anti-acne fight. Manuka honey/honey in general for the face has been a godsend for my skin! Next I shampoo with either Desert Essences lemon and tee tree shampoo for oily hair or Alaffia neem shampoo (both of which I like and find wash away build-up, which was my biggest difficulty when looking for a natural shampoo) followed by either John Masters Lavender and Avocado Intensive Conditioner, the John Masters Honey and Hibiscus conditioner, or the Alaffia neem conditioner. I have recently begun washing my body and shaving with Moksa soap in Abbey Road. It smells amazing, is gentle (I loved Dr. Bronners tea tree bar soap, but then it become too harsh for my skin) and the company is amazing and donates to so many great charities! After that I may spray my hair with the Aubrey organics Nustyle Organic Detangler and Shine Booster (which smells like limes) as a heat protectant or Intelligent Nutrients leave-in conditioner which kind of makes me smell like a pizza, but I like it anyways. (Ed. Note: Pizza?!?!?! We need more info on this! Ha!) Then I wrap my hair up in a t-shirt which I’ve also heard is better to prevent frizz and keep curls intact.

Outside the shower I don’t really towel off because I find the extra moisture super beneficial for the rest of my routine. I spray my face with the Acure Organics Rose toner for oily skin which I LOVE it smells so good especially after reading that article about rose scents on here, then I mix my beloved Aubrey Organics aloe vera with whatever moisturizer is tickling my fancy. I use the aloe because it is such a great base to cut/preserve products which we know can be quite expensive. As I mentioned, I purchased the sample packs of Tata Harper and Dr Alkaitis so I basically pick and choose which moisturizer I feel like mixing in with my aloe. At the moment, I love the Tata Harper Serum and the Dr Alkaitis soothing gel and nourishing oil. Both companies products smells sooooo good and honestly make my skin look so plump and incredible. I never thought I would be able to treat myself to such luxurious moisturizers during my prescription days; it has been one of my greatest revelations of going natural! After that I spray my body with a DIY toner of Aloe Vera gel by Lily of the Valley (which is edible quality that I sometimes add to my drinks) and Witch Hazel followed by a DIY combination of coconut, argan, and jojoba oil, my Acure Organics unscented lotion, or my Bubble and Bee or Moksa body butter. I’m really into body moisturizers. Or moisturizing in general.

As far as makeup goes, I probably wear it once or twice a week and try to keep it really simple. Again, I am all about the samples! I recommend it because they are all quite sizable and I have yet to run out of one and repurchase. I use the Vapour organics concealer on my eyelids and the Alima Pure satin matte foundation on my under eyes and any other imperfections. I line my upper water line with Korres brown eyeliner, apply RMS living luminizer to my eyelids, brow bone, cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow and have been loving revolution organics in blush for my cheeks! I also love RMS lip2cheek in Modest. I sometimes finish that up with a  DIY bronzer made of cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa powder, and some other stuff and 100% mascara in black tea as well as my Bubble and Bee lip balm in pomegranate or my Badger Organic cocoa butter lip balm in cocoa.

Thanks, Stephanie! I’m having a hard time not making a “good enough to eat” pun about this routine…