Happy Friday Deal from Lotus Wei!

Happy very exciting Friday, everyone! It’s Lotus Wei’s day, and they have some new goodies. Longtime readers of the site—and certainly anyone who knows me personally—knows I’m a flower essence junkie. I have mists on my desk at the office. I carry perfume and elixirs in my handbag at all times. Next to the bed there’s always a spray and an oil. I’ve often said that the world would be a better place if we all took... Read More

Happy Friday Deal from CAP Beauty!

Have you shopped with CAP Beauty? This natural beauty retailer has an incredible selection of brands that you don’t find everywhere, such as In Fiore, de Mamiel, Living Libations, and so much more. If you live in New York City you’re in luck because CAP Beauty is opening their flagship brick and mortar store in the West Village in January 2015. In addition to stocking the most luxurious natural lines available (over 50 brands!), they... Read More

Gretta’s Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed!

Name: Gretta Age: 21 City: Glen Rose, Tx Current Weather: Cool, overcast, rain. Our weather is sadly, inconsistent. One day, bone chilling – another, sunny and warm! Skin: Normal, with tendencies to being dry and sensitive. Hair: Long, dark and wavy. Periodically, I color my hair Henna, switching from redder shades to richer, darker colors… Favorite star from the past: Audrey Hepburn First thing… When I’m not dashing out the... Read More

Alex’s Morning Skin And Hair Routine… Exposed!

Meet Alex, a young teacher trying to make a clean routine work on her teacher’s salary. Sounds like she’s doing awesome. Thanks for this super candid and awesome routine! Name: Alex Age: 26 Profession: Teacher (Fourth grade…an awesome age but not easy!) Weather: Hot, humid Central Florida. We do experience a nice cold front or two in the winter. Hair: Long, fairly thick, wavy…straight…wavy, depends on the day! Oh, and... Read More

Siobhan’s New Morning Skin and Hair Routine… Exposed (With LOTS of New Products)!

It’s been well over a year since we started the morning routine series. They began on a “really hot, muggy, humid, generally gross” August morning in 2011, because we thought it would be fun to share with all of you the products that we use every day before we leave the house. Now, you guys send us yours, and they’re consistently inspiring to this vibrant community of natural beauty lovers, am I right? Since it’s December... Read More

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