Product Review: How Meow Meow Tweet Saved My Lips (and My Pits)

You may remember a few weeks back when I lamented about my lip sensitivity. Before I go any further, I first must say the hugest of thank yous to all the readers who responded—reading your recommendations was like Christmas morning in beauty product land (man, who now wishes Beauty Product Land was a real place? And not just my bathroom cupboard overflowing with half-finished products?). You are all so thoughtful, kind and generous and I so appreciate... Read More

Beauty Goodies to Transition to Fall

Unless you’re living under an Internet-free rock (which you aren’t since you read our blog!), you know that New York Fashion Week just wrapped up, leaving all fashion and beauty related bloggers and readers with tons of info on new trends and colors. Interested in what the hot NYFW looks were, but don’t care to rummage through all the blogs and slideshows and tweets yourself? You’re in luck: We’ve got a quick summer-to-fall... Read More

ILIA Beauty Lip Colors

L to R: Desert Angel, These Days, Dress You Up, Come Undone, Inkpot, Femme Fatale I love the Ilia illuminators, as you can read in this review.  But, I was nervous about the lip products, which contain small amounts of synthetic colors (like Red 7, a.k.a. CI 15850).  Years of horrendous pre-clean lip color experiences make me extremely cautious about what I put on my lips, which seem to be the most sensitive of all my sensitive skin. The reviews... Read More

Macgyver Your Makeup!

In this recent article from ReadyMade magazine we shared some of our favorite DIY makeup tricks. The assignment? To make your entire face from scratch. Here are our best simple recipes for: Lips and Cheeks Eye Liner Eye Shadow Mascara Image via  Read More