Give Us Some Lip: What’s Your Holy Grail Lip Balm?

I’ve always been an avid lip balm, gloss and stick wearer—as a high schooler, I had an arsenal of both eye shadows and lip glosses to match my closet full of colorful clothes (yes, that included lilac gloss and lime green eyeliner). But as I’ve gotten older and seemingly more sensitive to ingredients and essential oils, I’ve found it nearly impossible to find hardy, moisturizing lip balms that don’t make my lips break out... Read More

Bridal Beauty: What Makeup I’m Wearing to Get Married

Image courtesy of I’m not one of those girls who’s dreamed of getting married since she was old enough to understand the words “bride” and “groom.” I never fantasized wedding dresses or centerpieces. I didn’t wish for a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet (sorry, fiancé, if you’re reading this). But what I did dream about was a legit excuse to buy as many beauty products as I wanted.... Read More

What the Boys Like

Well, looky here, MSN Lifestyle (via Real Beauty) is telling us 10 things that men think are sexy—and, despite myself, I’m kind of liking what they have to say. Ok fine, some of these are pretty dumb: Guys like legs! Guys like long lashes and can’t tell when you’re wearing fake ones! But their top pick? Despite all of our efforts, the sample men just prefer a woman without makeup. According to these dudes, lip gloss is gross... Read More