How’s That Daily Meditation Practice Going?

Oh nuts, mine too. I was on a roll there for a while. For starters, I was going to yoga a lot, and all my favorite teachers build it into the practice. Since I really enjoy meditating with other people, this was a nice motivator. Also, I found a “quiet room” at my job—a dimly lit alcove the size of a small walk-in closet that I imagine was created for nursing moms maybe, but which a few of us use regularly for midday downtime. I got... Read More

Product Review: Oh My God, Bamboo Sheets

“You have really good sheets.” Be still my heart. I love compliments as much as anyone (that means I love them a lot) but when this one was bestowed upon me recently my heart did a little somersault. I have good sheets! This is a big deal to me. I take bedding seriously, always have. I’m also pretty into sleepwear and underwear. Basically, I get giddy about the details that make life’s quieter experiences a little prettier,... Read More

Got PMS? Why You May Want to Look at Diet and Lifestyle (via Well+Good)

Yes! I do have PMS. Right now actually (I think). So I was pleased to come across this interview from Well+Good today. Even though we know that diet and lifestyle affect our hormones, being reminded by a health practitioner is, well, reassuring. And it also gives back a bit of a sense of control, which is nice too. What affects your PMS? Here’s the interview: Many women assume that the awful PMS they endure—complete with cramping, headaches,... Read More

Managing Stress: 5 Ways to Use Visualization

Whatever you give your attention to gets bigger. I can’t remember the first time I heard this. It might have been from my mother, who isn’t one to stew or dwell, or an early yoga teacher, or an old book. I know it was during my teenage years, at a time when I was probably stewing and dwelling a lot on things that maybe—imagine ça?!—didn’t really matter all that much in the grand scheme of things. Stewing is understandable:... Read More

What’s Your Biggest Source of Stress?

Because we’re getting ready to start tackling stress here in earnest—as Alexandra mentioned yesterday—we’d like to know: What stresses you out most? This will help us brainstorm ways to talk about this. If, for instance, your biggest source of stress is your boyfriend or girlfriend, or your job, or your finances, that’ll help us focus on what kind of practical stress-busters we might explore. Because the stress series is not... Read More

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