RMS Living Luminizer: It’s Good to Shine

We love Leighton Meester’s glow, and like the author of this Hairpin post, we know how to fake it.

Call them what you will—luminizers, illuminators or highlighters—but this product category rules. We only discovered these shiny friends when writing the book, but highlighting has become a mainstay of our beauty routine. And as the post says:

…if you see models and actresses and think, “If only I had her cheekbones!” and you are NOT wearing highlighter, you are playing yourself.

The Hairpin gives some good tips on application, but we have to differ with their product of choice. Instead of Nars, we’re going to propose that you try rms living luminizer instead. One, because it’s clean. Two, because it’s one of the best products we’ve ever tried. Ever.

We’d also like to include some tips from Rose-Marie Swift, the creator of rms beauty. She suggests not only applying the living luminizer to cheekbones, but also to brow bones, the tip of your nose, the crest of your lip, and even your chin. Just play around with it—though use a light touch please, or it can look like shiny warpaint—and check yourself in natural light before leaving the house if you’re opting for daytime wear.

Are you a highlighter fan? What brand do you use?

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