How to Heal a Popped Blemish—Overnight

Courtesy of Waimea Body Essentials In the world of beauty, it’s considered extremely taboo to squeeze, pinch, pick or pop a zit. Estheticians tell you it scars your face. Dermatologists remind you that it spreads bacteria. Your mom scolds you that it’ll only cause a big, bloody mess. And yet, when I have a pus-filled bump on my face, not picking it is about as likely as me ever becoming an Olympic gymnast (my third-grade dream). I have... Read More

Kate’s Morning Hair and Skin Routine… Exposed!

Meet Kate, a gal who has the type of happy-go-lucky attitude about failed DIY shampoos (no problem, she says, just re-purpose the ingredients!) that just makes her seem so nice and sunny. (Hence Audrey Hepburn in the sun hat here.) Read on for her very lavender-y routine; it’s nice! Name: Kate Age 23 Current weather: currently back to early-March style cold and rain at the very end of April. Thank you New England. Hair: Shoulder-length brownish... Read More

Happy Monday! We’ve Partnered With One Of Our Favorite Fashion Designers!

Surprise! It’s 2012 and we are trying new things. Continuing love-thyself-for-Valentine’s-Day theme, we have teamed up with a fashion designer we love to create two little gift sets for women who are in need of some serious pampering—or who just love pretty things! Society for Rational Dress has been a longtime favorite brand of ours, so when founder Corinne Grassini approached us about doing a partnership, we got pretty excited. The... Read More