Lucky Ingrid founded one of our favorite kind of businesses… a natural beauty boutique! We love indie shops like hers. Ever wondered what someone with the best products at her fingertips would choose to use? Look no further than this routine.

Name: Ingrid Doucet

Age: 45

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Current Weather: Cold, Freezing, Chilly, Cold, etc. Make it stop!

Skin: Good when it’s good but very sensitive and reactive.

Hair: Fine and straight. I have been highlighting it for years but I have cut way down on how often and how many. I have had it darker a few times in the last few years but I always miss the blonde.

Favourite Star from the past: She’s not an old movie star but no less amazing. love love love Diane Keaton.

First thing…

I splash my face with cold water and then spritz with CV Skinlabs Rescue and Relief Spray. Sometimes I wake up with a bit of redness and this spray always refreshes and calms my skin. I then drink a tall glass of water and then have warm lemon and water… and then it’s green tea. I am a manic hydrator; I notice a big difference in my skin when I am not drinking enough water so I am a bit obsessed!

In the shower…

I WANT to dry brush but I have been so cold recently that I usually jump in the shower before I can manage it. I love scrubs and lately I have been using Solas Orange and Ginger Sea Salt Body Scrub. The scent is invigorating and it’s extremely moisturizing. If it’s a shaving day I use Dr. Bonners Unscented Shaving Gel, it’s a bit runny but it does the trick. If I am washing my hair I use Yarok Shampoo and Conditioner, our whole little family uses this line and we all adore it. I know most of my gal pals can’t believe I do this but most of the time I wash my hair at night and go to bed with it wet!! Because my hair is fine I wake up with it kind of messy but with lots of body. I can usually go two or three days without washing my hair with the help of Lulu Organics Hair Powder.

Out of the shower…

I am a body oil fiend. I go between May Lindstrom, La Bella Figura and organic coconut oil. I am really digging the grassy, exotic scent of La Bella’s Skin Aficionado the last few weeks. It brings me back to running through fields in Nova Scotia when I was kid, and that makes me supremely happy.

If I have washed my hair I use Yarok Feed Your Ends as my hair tangles and then use a wide toothed comb to comb it out. I then blow dry my hair upside down, massaging my head in little circles, which helps to give my hair volume, it’s also great for your scalp.

My skin needs very gentle products, I was on a med a few years ago that really did a number on my skin and it hasn’t fully recovered.  Subsequently, it has had a hard time this winter. I’ve been battling rosacea and dry patches.  Cleansing wise, I love Pai’s Camellia and Rose Gentle Cleanser or raw honey. I alternate between the two.

I find changing up my oils, moisturizers and serums every few months really helps with my reactive skin. As long as they are gentle and very moisturizing my skin actually likes the change. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but it seems to keep my skin refreshed and happy. So lately I have been using La Bella Figura’s Barbary Fig Seed Oil and CV Skinlabs Calming Moisture. I also love One Love Organics Vitamin C Serum and always use it on my neck and chest. It leaves my skin with a beautiful sheen and it’s perfect for dehydrated, sensitive skin.  Mask wise, I use One Love Organics Brand New Day and Osmia Detox Mask, both are gentle exfoliators and nourishing.


I am a bit of a makeup minimalist. I love being able to see healthy skin so I try to keep my skin as nourished and glowy as possible and hopefully use less makeup to look good! I use Kjaer Weis Paper Thin under my eyes and on any redness that needs covering and then Kjaer Weis Desired Glow on my cheeks. I love this color!! It gives my skin a ‘been to the beach look’, which kinda rocks. I use an eyelash curler and then a few coats of Ilia Nightfall. I then sweep Kjaer Weis Cloud Nine from lash to brow line. My eyebrows seem to grow downwards so I will put a bit of Yarok Feed Your Do paste on my fingers and push them upwards.

I do have a thing for lip colours, for day I go between Tata Harper Be Adored and Ilia Bang Bang, and if I am going out at night I use Kjaer Weis Goddess or Ilia Lip Crayon 99 Red Ballons. I love Osmia Honey Myrrh Lip Treatment and I always have it or a S.W. Basics lip balm on me.

I use a toner to set my makeup and to give my skin some added moisture. I find them to be a wonderful way to refresh my skin, calm any irritation and to give skin that ‘just went for a 15 minute run’ look, I especially find them great for midway though the day when my skin needs a boost. I am currently using Graydon’s Face Food Mist; this toner is unscented and wonderful for fighting blemishes.

Some Extras: I love aromatherapy and I find La Bella Figura’s Travel Therapy and Lotus Wei’s Quiet Mind very helpful. I am also an actress and I love using these at auditions or anytime I am feeling anxious.

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Happy Friday Deal From La Bella Figura!

Today La Bella Figura, one of our favorite lines, launches not one but two new products. We’re celebrating with a Friday Deal! It’s been hard to keep this little secret to ourselves, as we know many of you also swoon for the luscious scents and impeccable ingredients that make La Bella Figura so special. So here it is:

La Bella Figura is giving you 10% off all orders over $75. Just enter the code NMDLLBF at check out. Everyone that uses the code will automatically be entered to win a $100 gift card from LBF! The winner will be announced on Monday, and the deal ends Sunday at 11:59pm CST.

Before you rush off to the La Bella Figura site, stick around to hear about the new kids on the block: the Gentle Enzyme Cleanser And Makeup Remover and Aria Nighttime Cell Recovery Treatment. We’d love to say we’re early adopters, but really we were just lucky enough to try these new LBF beauties in advance of today’s launch. Aria has captured our hearts, and the Gentle Enzyme Cleanser is a lovely, unique addition to the world of natural cleansers.

Suitable for aging or damaged skin types, Aria was created to regenerate lackluster skin while you sleep, plump up thinning skin, and boost nutrition. The unique healing compounds found in saffron, helichrysum and arnica flower oils aid this renewal process. Here’s what Rebecca has to say:

“Aria is a sublimely scented treatment oil, packed with regenerating and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It is rich with actives that promote graceful aging, and as a sensitive sort I was a bit concerned it might be too much for me.  I tested it on my wrist, then decided to go for it.  When I saw my skin the next morning, I kind of couldn’t believe it.  The anti-inflammatory effects are obvious.  I am hooked after using it a couple of weeks, and I look forward to seeing the long term effects.  Aria’s ingredients include some of my old favorites (oils of rose, helichrysum, Barbary fig, carrot seed, camellia) and some new-to-me, exotic ingredients (saffron, rooibos, acai and papaya oils).  I apply it at night before my DIY oil, and it layers beautifully, sinking right in with a light massage.  Three drops does it for my face, neck and chest.”

The Gentle Enzyme Cleanser is a gel-based formula that cleanses while maintaining pH balance. It’s full of moisture retentive ingredients like aloe vera, cupuacu and marfura butters. Pineapple and papaya enzymes provide gentle exfoliation. It has a light herbaceous scent and works well, in our experience, as a morning cleanser to kick-start the day. It’s impressive that this gel formula is able to deliver so much moisture. Skin feels fresh, protected, and baby soft after use. If you use the double cleanse method at the end of the day, it makes a great second step after an oil cleanser.

Let us know what you plan to get with this Friday Deal! Are you going to try one of the new products? Something different?

La Bella FiguraDull. Dry. Parched. Flaky. Un-luminous.

Is anyone else finding that these are the adjectives they’re constantly using to describe their skin? It’s kind of starting to get old. And it’s making me want to give good ol’ Mother Nature a punch in the throat.

Since that’s not possible and since I’d probably feel bad gouging an old lady, I’m trying to remain calm and rely on things I know make my face a little less like sandpaper. Or a blemish-y paper bag. Drinking warm lemon water. Sleeping more. Sweating it out. Eating my leafy greens.

But, even though I know that in the long run all those habits will make my skin better, sometimes I need a little more control. Immediate control—and immediate results.

That’s when I turn to a tried and true brand, from whom I have not tried anything I didn’t love. The two powerhouse products pictured above are just a sample of the results-oriented brand La Bella Figura (remember when I raved about the Modern Radiance Concentrate?). In times of flaky dryness, LBF’s Organic Barbary Seed Fig Oil and the Bio Active Healing Mask have rescued my skin.

Except for those on the West Coast who experienced “seasonably warm” winter weather, most of us have been trapped in a cycle of blizzards, blustery winds and burrrrrrr. In Minneapolis, we’ve been hunkering down in our snowsuits to battle the below zero temps and -30 degree windchill. Gross.

What all this Polar Vortex stuff translates to is dry, flaky, chapped skin. Inside, we crank the heat, and drain our skin of hydration; outside, we brave the fierce winds and subject our skin to redness, flushing and windburn. So what, pray tell, is a natch girl to do?

One thing I’ve noticed since switching to clean products is that the nature has us covered when it comes to skin-saving moisturizers. Fruits, cold-pressed oils, balms, butters—the green beauty world has so many amazing options to help my skin stay balanced (or recover when I’ve gone overboard with the space heater). Here are a few things, products and gadgets, I’m keeping close until the weather cooperates again.

  1. Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Mist: Green tea is the first AND third ingredient in this hydrating powerhouse. It’s super soothing to my parched and often inflamed skin, plus it has a light floral scent that isn’t overpowering. The sea fennel in it helps skin retain moisture as well, giving me long-term skin improvement. Gotta love something that keeps making your skin better.
  2. The Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom: After Rebecca raved about this beauty, I knew I had to try it. It seems really thick, so I was hesitant about putting it on my whole face, but it transforms into this lovely, light-but-crazy-hydrating oil when massaged into your skin. I put it on my eyelids and neck too, both morning and night, and it acts as a lovely primer for my foundation as well as gives my skin a soft glow. A little goes a long way, so splurge on this if you have the funds—it’ll last! I gently rub it in while my face is still damp from the Pacific Mist (you’ll use even less, and your skin will look even better).
  3. La Bella Figura Rainforest Hydration Treatment: I didn’t use this thick balm at all the first three months I had it, as I thought it was too heavy for my skin and definitely not for use during warm fall days (it was created for people with SUPER dry skin or in extremely dry climates). Then I noticed my skin acting oddly dry and flaky, due to a low yin and an internal infection, as my naturopath put it. I had a collection of small blemishes that popped practically simultaneously, and then left irritated red marks and circles of flaky skin on my cheek. Foundation got caught in them, making them impossible to conceal. Nothing helped, including gentle exfoliation and my arsenal of creams, butters, serums and oils. Then I remembered my jar of Rainforest Hydration Treatment and almost overnight, my dryness was gone. Eliminated in less than two days. That’s what you call a miracle product, people.
  4. MJ’s Herbals Calendula Salve: I got this as a sample in a Spirit Beauty Lounge order less than a week ago and I’ve already ordered the full sized jar. It’s an amazing, buttery cream by a company known for making safe-for-mommies-and-their-babies products. I’ve been using it on my lips and hands, both chapped by a recent weekend with girlfriends at an adorable, yet drier than dry cabin (seriously—I was applying lip balm every hour at this place and when I came home, my lips were beet red and sore to the touch). My very sensitive lips reject practically every balm you can think of, including straight coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and mango butter. Thankfully, they love this calendula and Vitamin E infused salve and now I don’t think I can live without it.
  5. Squalene Oil: I’d never heard of this cold-pressed-from-olives-but-not-olive-oil oil until this fall when a local esthetician with her own clean skincare line introduced it to me. It naturally promotes skin elasticity and cell regeneration and suits all skin types. I haven’t been using it on my face as much as on my cuticles. I rub it in overnight and my dry fingers fade. Genius. (I have a bottle from the local line, which you can’t buy online, but check out this one from Indie Lee if you’re interested).
  6. Crane Blue Drop Humidifier (not pictured): I’ve had this lil guy for a couple of winters, but it wasn’t until I stopped using it that I noticed how much of a difference it makes. On days I don’t fill it up and turn it on before climbing into the sack, I wake up with a dry throat, itchy skin and the tendency to cough. When I keep it filled and turn it on, I wake to fresh, plump skin, and less of a desire to drink a swimming pool (liquor or water-filled).

I know I skipped internal hydrators like hot lemon water, but what are you putting on your skin to keep it from panicking while the weather misbehaves?

We couldn’t be more excited to share this Makeup Monday with you. It’s from one of the amazing women behind La Bella Figura!

Name: Victoria Fantauzzi

Age: 45

Where I Live: Chicago, IL

My relationship with makeup: I have really toned down my use. I used to wear A LOT of makeup when I was younger. My sister and I were those bad Catholic school girls that would sneak eyeliner and lipstick in our backpacks to paint on as soon as school was over. I looked like the Latina version of Avril Lavigne with the heavy raccoon liner. These days I don’t wear as much on a daily basis, but I definitely like a dramatic look for nighttime. I believe that beautiful skin is more important and makes makeup look better on. So less is now more effective.

Here’s what’s in my makeup bag:

This is a new makeup bag because last month I accidentally left my makeup bag in a hotel room in Toronto and lost some things. I’m slowly restocking a few things.

Lips: I don’t wear lipstick during the day and definitely not while I’m working in the studio, but when I do I like a stain and not full on waxy lipstick. Both Kjaer Weis in Goddess and RMS in Diaboloque are fantastic as you can wear a little for a pretty bitten look or layer it on for a nighttime going out look. I also like to dab a little Diabolique on my cheeks, which is very pretty on bronzed skin. You can fake it with a little bronzer. Recently, I’ve been crazy about the Bite Beauty lip crayons because they really hydrate my lips and feel light, plus the colors are nicely pigmented and there are so many to choose from. Quince is my favorite. I don’t care for glosses too much with the exception of Revolution Organics Freedom Red, which is the best lipgloss I’ve ever tried and not gooey at all. For lip balms you can’t go wrong with creamy SW Basics in cocoa or the Hurraw balms, which I have in every scent and flavor. Love those!

Concealer: I’ve been a fan of the RMS concealer in 33 for a while, but now I’m loving one from Studio 78 Paris in Moonlight. Now, neither of these match my Mediterranean olive complexion so I use one to blend under my eyes and the other I use on areas that aren’t so perfect, then I apply a little bronzer right over and I’m set. If I’m having bad sleep sometimes I’ll use the Josie Maran argan concealer crayon for under the eye area because it provides a deeper coverage.

Cheeks: Again, Kjaer Weis wins with their creamy cheek color as a bronzer in Desired Glow. I just purchased the RMS Buriti bronzer, but haven’t really had a chance to try it out, so we’ll see. For a pop of color, I haven’t found anything as amazing as Revolution Organics Freedom Glow in Blushed. Sadly, that was lost and it’s sold out everywhere. It made me so happy.

Eyeshadow: I am prone to earth colors for the eyes. I love nudes or cocoa rich browns. Right now I’m obsessed with Tea Time by Studio 78 Paris, which is a repurchase since it was lost. It is a silky pressed eyeshadow that applies smoothly with a fluffy brush and it isn’t too purple-y. For anyone with  brown eyes it’s elegant, makes your eyes pop and looks amazing. I like to wear it with a little gold eyeliner.

Skin Care: It’s so important to set makeup with a great mist so I use our Jardin de Fleurs Skin Revitalizer, which also contains hyaluronic acid so skin holds in moisture. Makeup doesn’t look good on dry, flaky skin so I use our Barbary Fig Renewal Serum as a primer because it contains broccoli seed oil and it gives skin that silicone smoothness without being too slippery and zero toxicity.

Scent: I love almost all the perfume blends by Aftelier so when I want to mix it up from my own creations I like Tango or Wildflowers, otherwise I wear our Travel Therapy as a perfume or Buenos Aires so much that even my young niece recognizes that scent as mine.

Extras: Leighton Denny 3 Free nail color in Golden Girl. I carry it around because I always think I’m going to get my nails done, but I never do. A cheap and not clean eyeliner pen I picked up from CVS (Please someone fill me in on a clean eyeliner pen!) and Blum Naturals face towelettes in organic chamomile, they come in handy for air travel.

This fall Victoria and Karen from La Bella Figura will host A Night For Green Beauty 2014 in Los Angeles. Stay tuned for details. We want to see all of you there!