More To Love From KYPRIS

KYPRIS is one of those special brands – the sort that keeps me wondering what will come next. The new offerings, launched this summer, quickly made their way into my daily routine. I’ve gone minimalist recently, rarely wearing makeup and not buying many new products…  …but the new KYPRIS Cleanser and “Pot of Shade” are not to be resisted. Cleanser Concentrate: At first try, I thought this would be a winter cleanser for me – its substantial,... Read More

Happy Friday Deal from KYPRIS!

Happy day! KYPRIS, the award-winning, luxurious line of holistic, high performance skin care whose serums and elixirs we adore, has just introduced the Body Elixir: Inflorescence. It’s KYPRIS’ first foray into body care, and we are excited to introduce NMDL readers to Inflorescence with this special Friday Deal! KYPRIS describes Inflorescence as “equal parts ecstatic beauty experience, targeted, multi-active skin care, lymphatic movement, aromatherapy... Read More

GIVEAWAY: Citrine Natural Beauty Bar + KYPRIS are Giving Away 3 Beauty Elixirs!

In our humble opinion, Mondays get a bad rap, so we’re here to brighten your manic Monday with an incredible giveaway from Citrine Natural Beauty Bar and KYPRIS! We know many of you shop with Citrine, and we celebrated with this glam beauty retailer when they revamped their web site not long ago. Now with a blog component and a Get the Look section that brings you professional makeup tutorials, Citrine is easy to navigate and stocks all our... Read More

Happy Friday Deal From KYPRIS + Citrine!

As promised, we have a special Friday Deal with KYPRIS! If you didn’t catch Rebecca’s review of KYPRIS’ lovely products yesterday, she gives you all the reason in the world to check out this luxurious skincare line. So here’s the deal… When you purchase a Beauty Elixir from KYPRIS or from Citrine Natural Beauty you’ll receive deluxe samples of each of KYPRIS’ serums — the Moonlight Catalyst, the Clearing... Read More

Are You Ready For The Skin You Wish You Had? KYPRIS Will Get You There (Product Review)

  You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had big things brewing at work (unrelated to my NMDL life), and some extraordinary stress to match my new level of responsibility. This has made my skin situation sketchy at times, but in the midst of it all, I discovered a game-changing product line. I have the lucky conundrum of too many products to try, whether purchased in a fit of extravagance – which happens far too often –... Read More

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