We are feeling oh so international these days! This routine comes from a reader in Singapore. She’s got the clean beauty thing down but needs a little advice from you, so keep reading.

Name: Boiling Wok (My blogging identity)

Age: 26

Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Currently Staying in: Singapore

Weather: Hot & humid. Rains often.

Hair: Dark brown, fine, wavy & prone to frizziness. I have seborrheic dermatitis in my scalp.

Skin: Brownish. Tans easily. Oily due to the humidity. Prone to blackheads. Sensitive.

First thing…

My first drink in the morning is a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon in it (a full lemon if I have a cold). That really makes a difference to my day and makes me feel so awake. I make it a point not to check any electronic devices the first thing in the morning.

In the shower…

I shower twice a day. I am usually rushing to work in the mornings, so my showers are short. I am constantly trying out various soaps. Currently, I am using Austin Natural Mountain Laurel soap and I love it. I also love Zum bars goat milk soaps. I dry brush using EcoTools, Sustainable Body Buff in the evenings as I found brushes too harsh for my skin.

For my face, I am using Acure Organics facial cleanser gel superfruit + chlorella growth factor currently. I use Konjac sponge for washing my face and neck and really love it. I can definitely see an increase in the blackheads on my nose when I am not using it.

I wash my hair alternate days. I mostly use Acure organics pure mint + echinacea stem cell volumizing shampoo. Sometimes, when my dermatitis is really bad, I use Selsun 2.5% but I try to use it as less as possible. I have tried several shampoos and definitely find Acure shampoo quite mild and not worsening my dermatitis. After washing my hair, most of the time, I try to rinse my hair with Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar and water.

Outside the shower…

I often use crystal deo on my underarms and spray not-clean body mists or perfumes on my clothes. I am trying to use them up before I switch to clean perfumes.

As it is very humid, I only use toner on my face and neck in the mornings—Avalon Organics, Essential Lift, Fortifying Toner and I like it so far.

I use a little of body moisturizer for my hands and legs. My skin does not get too dry out here due to the humidity. I use Deep Steep or EO or Acure depending on my mood.

I often mix my own essential oils and use them on my scalp or face when my skin feels bleh. I try to avoid bread, fried foods, junk food & milk as they worsen my dermatitis. The healthier I eat, the better my skin and scalp is. I would love to hear suggestions for dealing with SD from NMDL readers.

Send us your morning skin and hair routine! nomoredirtylooks@gmail.com

Meet Jessica! Her mention of the Konjac Sponge is kismet. (See yesterday’s post.) Plus, fall is around the corner and we feel like talking about makeup. This routine has it all.

Name: Jessica

Age: 27

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada but on vacation in PEI

Current weather: sunny but cool… perfect summer weather

Hair: slightly wavy, fine and super thick

Skin: very pale, oily skin with some blemishes but mostly clear

Favourite star or icon from the past: Elizabeth Taylor

In the shower…

I’ve been slowly cleaning up my beauty regimen for the past 2 years and have only started using organic hair products for about 9 months. I have only used Dr. Jones organic shampoo and conditioner and am quite satisfied (I try not to wash my hair more than twice a week). I use an epilator instead of shaving, for water conservation, and regularly get my eyebrows threaded. I just finished a less than entirely clean body wash that I could not resist, as I picked it up at Kualoa Ranch on my travels to Oahu in May. I am only now looking into some really clean but delicious smelling body washes that won’t break the bank. Any suggestions?

Outside the shower…

I cleanse my face every morning with my awesome Konjac charcoal bamboo sponge and with Graydon The Cleanser at night; using May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt every other day before my shower.

I really hate tying up my hair since it gives me severe headaches (curse of super thick hair), but I also hate drying my hair with a blow drier since it damages it. I have started using John Masters citrus detangler to protect my hair from heat damage and when air drying, I love to add some argan oil to my ends. I do not use any other hair product since I really like keeping things simple and minimal. As for my face routine, all I can say is that my Konjac Sponge is the best thing in the world. I have managed to balance my oily skin by cleansing with my Konjac, along with using orange blossom hydrosol as a toner (wanting to now try Stark’s White Willow toner). After toning in the morning, I use Graydon’s The Serum after applying Nurish Organics’ See Spot Run, but if I feel that I need more moisture I use Nurish Organics’ Rejuven-eight Day Cream.

At night, I opt to use argan oil over See Spot Run and One Love Organics’ Skin Savior waterless beauty balm around my eyes for extra moisturization. To cap off my night routine, as lip protection I use Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm as it stays on all night. Sometimes I also like to treat myself
with manuka honey masks when I feel my skin needs a little change in the routine.

Finishing touches…

I LOVE makeup and adore trying different things. However, I am very picky about the ingredients I use on my skin as I am allergic to peppermint oil. I normally do not wear much makeup (lip balm and concealer), except for when I go out for something significant or special. When I do doll up,   I use Gabriel’s black mascara, Lilly Lolo’s brown eye pencil, Vapour Organics illuminist concealer, Vapour Organics Mesmerize eye colours, Ferro cosmetics mineral foundation and 3X blush (which can be also used to give color to lips) and Dr. Bronner’s naked lip balm. For a dramatic color on my lips I have Korres’ lip butter in a reddish pink, but am looking to finish it up as quickly as possible since I do not find it to be as clean as I would like it to be. I also have Inica’s lip crayon in Blossom, but I do not like the texture on my lips. I would love to get my hands on some Kjaer Weis products, especially the lip tints as I’ve heard really great reviews. I also highlight some key areas of my face with Vapour Organics Halo in Brilliance. I top everything off with Erbaviva’s Jasmine grapefruit deodorant and Tallulah Jane’s Helona mist. I am still looking for the perfect deodorant, but am having some difficulty as I cannot use baking soda and as for perfume, I would love to find something that is more tropical for the summer, yet still affordable!

I am a huge skin care and makeup junky; loving trying out all the new products I can! Living in Canada, however, limits the brands I get to try as I refuse to pay over-the-top prices for shipping for any products. I really really want to try some stuff by Savvy Boheme, Jiva Apoha, La Bella Figura, and Kjaer Weis… I believe that changing up your beauty routine is always a good thing as skin becomes immune to products and stops being so effective over time. I hope you’ve enjoyed my morning/beauty routine!